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Would you like to know why Sabrina Carpenter is the best at everything? If so, then keep reading! Sabrina always works hard and will because of her career. First, Sabrina got signed to Hollywood Records in 2012. Next, Sabrina started to make music with Hollywood records. Since she got signed, Sabrina has grown in her career because of her career with Hollywood records and her music. Since then, her career has gone up in the best way and got her to fame. As Sabrina gets bigger in her career, she will succeed and grow in fame.

When Sabrina was young she loved to enjoy the weather and nature outside when it was nice out, like in the spring, fall and summer.

To start off, Sabrina always knows what she wants to do with her career, and she's going to do whatever it takes to get there. Sabrina is a hard working girl and always has been. Now, her career has gone higher in fame than Sabrina has ever dreamed/thought it would be. Sabrinas career is very special to her and it has been since 2012, when she got signed to Hollywood records and could start making music for the world to hear. What’s really amazing, Sabrina has made 3 albums within 5 years of being in the music business. Sabrinas music has gotten her higher in the music business than she had ever thought it could, and keep doing whatever it takes to make it where she wants to be in her career.

Sabrina at disneyland, age 7

Fun Fact: Sabrina's favorite food is mexican!

  • Her favorite color is light blue
  • She is 5'0 tall
  • She loves both cats and dogs
These are two pictures: left; red carpet after 1st season of girl meets world, right; Girl meets world picture

Sabrina's favorite hobby is singing.

Although, Sabrina loves to sing, dance, and have fun. Since Sabrina was little, she has always had a love and passion for music. She always knew that she wanted something with music to be her career. Besides, look where she is now, she is a famous singer and songwriter. Sabrina is amazing at making her music the best you've ever heard. Sabrina is good at everything she does and she will continue to do what she does because she is amazing at what she does.

Sabrina's favorite flower is a violet.

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