Good Life Nature Activity by: alexander aliabadi

Nature on Display

Photos of the fossil exhibit

The exhibit that was the most interesting to me was the the exhibit that displayed fossils. This exhibit showed different eras of time and the animals that were common. I like this exhibit because I think fossils are really interesting. Fossils are proof that there were animals that have gone extinct and animals that were much bigger than us on the earth before we even got here. I have been to museums ever since I was little and the fossil exhibits have always been my favorite. I think that this exhibit brings to life the reality that there have been animals that were very large and very unbelievable. Without the medium of fossils, the point would not be as dramatic. Fossils give real proof that is physical that gives more than just reading it from a book.

Nature and Ethics

Photos of the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit

The butterfly rainforest really showed me what Leopold was talking bout by being a biotic community not a conquer. The exhibit allowed me to act as a part of the butterflies' habitat. They were free to roam, and I was only a visitor passing through not harming anything. This exhibit shows how we can live together and not harm each other, but we just have to put this into effect n the real world. The butterflies were so gentle and delicate that it would be cruel to harm them without cause. This exhibit allowed visitors to connect with nature by physically letting use go into a butterfly habitat and interact with the butterflies. As I went through this exhibit, I thought that such harmless creatures should not be harmed by us. We should coexist so future generations know who all the species are that we have now.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photos from the butterfly rainforest and entrance to the museum

This museum, for me, helped me step into a side of nature that I normally do not get to see often. I find it harder to find time in my day to appreciate little bits of nature because I am either in the library, at class, or in my dorm. This museum put emphasis on why nature is so important and why we should take care of it. The museum helped me understand myself more in respect to neglecting nature and all of its wonders. There were so many exhibits that made me feel small in the world.. that humans are not the only ones on the earth that need to be taken care of. I think the museum did a really good job of connecting me with nature and conveying the message that we should not destroy it.

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