Plains Indians and Fort Laramie Treaty By: Nicolas DiMichael

Plains Indians being attacked by the northerners

Who were Plains Indians and how did they live?

Plains Indians were any groups of people who occupied the Great Plains of the United States and Canada. Plains Indians hunted buffalo and other animals by using other animals. They would drive the buffalo off the cliff by surrounding it by horses. Plains Indians also practiced a religion and worshiped the Great Spirit. They would preform a dance called the Sun Dance to show respect towards their God. They would also live in teepees because they can be easily disassembled in case they would have to move to another location.

A map of the Great Sioux Reservation

The Fort Laramie Treaty

The Fort Laramie Treaty (also known as the Sioux Treaty of 1868) set aside the Great Sioux Reservation for the exclusive use of only the Sioux People. A reservation is a tract of public land set aside for a special purpose. A reservation for the Native Americans is land they can use to hunt on, build shelter, and cook food. The purpose of the Fort Laramie Treaty was to bring peace between the northers and the Sioux tribe.

Photos of Plains Indians and Fort Laramie Treaty

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