First transcontinental railroad By: Joey B and colby S

Challenges faced by RR workers

Some challenges faced by railroad workers was the fact that there were bad weather conditions through the mountains in the winter. They also had to deal with the native Americans

Who worked on the railroad?

The workers

The majority of the workers were Irish laborers. Many of them served in the union and confederate armies.

Where did the railroad start and end?

One of the routes started in Nebraska and ended in Sacramento. The other route started in Texas and ended in Los Angeles.

The railroad was built from 1830-1869.

The effects of the railroad had on the country were it helped supples get around faster such as mail, and goodies and tools. It also helped with the gold rush because people get get tools and people out west faster.

Leland stanfords role in building the railroad was he was one of the big four which meant that he controlled the railroad. He was also the president of the central pacific railroad.

The golden spike

The two railroads eventually met at Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869. The final spike was called the golden spike. You can still see it today.

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