Good Life nature activity By: dana awwad

Picture taken in the Florida museum of natural history. January 2017.

After my trip to the museum of natural history, I left that place with an absolutely different mindset, and a clearer perspective on how life around us works. I felt blessed having the opportunity to appreciate the little things around me, things we live with but never really appreciated or even maybe noticed at all. Being closer than ever to the nature of the place I have been living in for almost five months has helped me appreciate it more.

Pictures taken at the butterfly museum of natural history. Jan 2017.

Nature on Display - My very favorite part of the trip to the museum was the butterfly side. That whole section has increased my love and passion in studying and learning more about butterflies. Their life cycle and the way they form themselves and the short lives they possess makes them really dear and special, hand in hand with their beautiful colors and elegant moves. As I was reading Siddhartha, the butterflies life cycle of leaving their home seeking "enlightenment" or a better stage of their short lives seemed to be very similar to Siddhartha's. I was fascinated by the short lives of butterflies only lasting for a little less than a month. This very short period of time had me thinking and reflecting on our human selves. What if our lives were as short? would we be making the best of it the way butterflies do? They spend this one month they own looking for their partners and moving around beautifully, would we do it the same way they do? Those little things could be our inspirations to becoming more happy and optimistic.

Pictures taken at the natural museum of history. Jan 2017.

Nature and Ethics - Having seen butterflies that were stored in the lab and under cells for human studies has frustrated me so much. I knew that the love I was filled with as I saw the butterflies has turned into pain the moment I saw lots of them under microscopic lenses. Do us humans have the right to use other species to answer our curious questions using them? Does the fact that there isn't another higher specie studying us give us the higher power over those species we think we have? Those were the questions taking over my mind as I kept on walking inside of the museum.

Picture taken at the natural history museum. Jan 2017.

Nature and human spirit - Being in a beautifully colored place with such peaceful species has taken my mind off everything around me. It was fascinating, watching the butterflies as they flew from one petal to the other so gently. The calmness of the place and it's peacefulness has made me feel more relieved than hours of sleep after a stressful week. I believe that this connection we humans tend to underestimate plays such an important role in our well being and spiritual peace. If such creators exists around us, why shouldn't we be enjoying them as an escape of our harsh world and tough realities? Life could be way easier if we only appreciated the colors we see around :)

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