Roll of Thunder Andrew marentes per.4

During the Jim Crow time period, in court, whites were treated more fair the the colored people were
The colored people had different waiting rooms or dinners than the whites did. They were usually more run down and wasn't as taken care of.
--------------Abolishment of slavery-----------------The end of slavery was a good thing for African Americans, but they still weren't treated fairly. White people thought that they were better people than the blacks. Mama says," most white people still think of us the way they did back then"(Taylor 213). When president Lincoln gave a speach on January 1, 1863 he stated that all slaves shall be free. His exact words were,"that all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states are, and henceforward shall be free."


Lynching is the act of hanging a person based solely on the color of his skin. A black person could be lynched if he was accused by a white person of doing something bad. An example from the book would be when they tried to hang TJ even though he didn't do anything wrong. Mr. Granger said it would be ok if TJ was hung as long as it wasn't on his land. " Mr. Granger sent word by me that he ain't gonna stand for no hanging on his place. "


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