William Shakespeare By Ryan DImapilis P.4

Shakespeare in mid 30s
Statue of Shakespeare

Thesis- Shakespeare made a impact on society by accomplishing many things and changing things in his life that reflected on other people and how he set the English plays and how he started back then in his life.


Quote 1-"Shakespeare received a license to marry Anne Hathaway, the daughter of a local farmer" (Lander).

Commentary -That you had to have permission back then to have marriage.

The wife of his that starts his big family. The two family's knew each other so it was more considerate .Than that it would most likely be approved .

Quote 2-"Year after year he provided it with plays, almost on demand"(Beers 777).

Commentary-Shakespeare worked with a group of companies who demanded plays.He finally dealt with them and that's what helped him get noticed.The author tries to show detail on what got and helped Shakespeare get famous.Shakespeare had coworker with other companies to make more money and get more popularity of his work.

Quote 3-"In addition, his widespread presence in popular culture extends to motion pictures, television, cartoons, and even songs"(Lander).

Commentary-That Shakespeare has had a big impact that it has changed other things then literature.His impact changed others thinking .I think that they're trying to say in many ways he has changed the world.He even changed the language of what Germany and Russia think.

Quote 4-”He left us no journals or letters,he left only his poems”(Beers 776).

Commentary-This can fit with what I know because it sounds like William is a talented man.Its like William would want to express his feelings through poems or pays to get the reader thinking more.What I think it is trying to say is that he is no ordinary famous man.Who writes their thoughts or feelings on a piece of paper.

Early life

Quote 1-"As far as we know, he had no further formal education"(Beers 777).

Commentary-Sounds like the author is trying to explain that William has reached a point in where he should stop going to school.Then after accomplishing another foreign language William gave up on focusing about math but to only care about literature.This fits with what I know because William married a girl at age 18 and stopped going to school.He then became a play writer and actor and did not focus anymore of school.

Quote 2-" William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stafford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children"(Lander).

Commentary-Background info about Shakespeare in his early life where he was born .Also about how many relatives he has had.That he wasn't the richest family or the poorest.He has many siblings to look after and he is the 3rd oldest.

Quote 3- "The English cared little about keeping biographical information unrelated to affairs of the church or state" (Lander).

Commentary-The English back then did not really want to keep or record historical events or info.They preferred not to.The English rather just carry on about their normal lives, then to keep info.

Quote 4- "As far as we know, he had no further formal education"(Beers 777).

Commentary-A poem made after greene's death.Shakespeare's greatest rival.Shakespeare had made a intense rival in early life of London.Also that he competed to make a career of being a commercial press.


Quote 1-"The most widespread convention was the use of poetic dialogue "(Lander).

Commentary-These words were taken serious by the audience thinking the actors were being real.They were starting use a type of dialogue to make it more interesting.That they used this technique to make more types of plays.They had a dialogue where a actor would express his thoughts out loud for the audience to grasp a better understanding

Quote 2- "The stage was set by language"(Beers 779).

Commentary- That how in movies the scene can just move.But in theater they had to slowly talk it out to transition the scene.That Shakespeare couldn't just move the scene instantly.They had to talk in 3rd person about where they are .

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