The Era Of Good Feelings By:Leonel

In the 1800's,being an American meant that they

This is the 1800's in America,years after the American Revolutionary war.Now it is a young country that is independent from Great Britain.These are rough times for this new country because they are establishing new laws and other things to help the country move smoothly and keep getting power.This was hard because it was difficult and slow ,to get a message to another city it would take weeks , imagine how long it took from state to state because nothing moved faster than a horse could run.During this time the United States had established a national bank and had put a tax on all imported goods.

This is the 1800's in America, years after the American revolutionary war. Now the colonies are independent from Great Britain and are on their way of expansion onward west.In the Americas they have developed many different styles of art such as folk art which is made by ordinary people,often very colorful,simple and direct.There was also, portraits which were made by professional artists and were drawings of people and in these drawings the artist would capture the person's personality and characteristics.Another art style was the Hudson river school which was an art that was focused on nature, like landscapes and skies with storm clouds,there was lots of color contrast in these drawings.In addition there was the John James Audubon which was more of a naturalist than an artist because it was focused on accurate,realistic studies of fields and woods.Lastly there was the George Catlin which was drawings of native people,there way of hunting,there rituals ,and their villages


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