Senator Cramer's Weekly Update March 18 - March 24

New Op-Ed on Real Energy Solutions

Proponents of today’s self-titled green revolution have lost track of pragmatic solutions. However, the future can be bright if we truly embrace an all-of-the-above approach.

Here is a chilling reality: windmills shut down at -20 degrees and actually start consuming energy! Anyone from North Dakota or the upper Midwest knows -20 is far from rare, and it’s when people need reliable energy most.

I wrote down my thoughts on the Green New Deal. Read the op-ed by clicking the link below.

Meeting with Students in Stanley

I visited Stanley High School this week and discussed energy, property rights, life, political activism, constitutional powers and much more. I am thankful Senior Rachel Savage invited me to come speak to her peers.

Coffee with Cramer

A large group of locals showed up for "Coffee with Cramer" at Pinnacle Travel Center in Stanley this week. We covered everything from immigration and energy to trade and the national debt. The best part of public service is the public.

Coffee with Cramer in Stanley, ND

Prioritizing American Wheat Farmers

I joined Kansas Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran in urging President Trump to work with Brazilian President Bolsonaro to eliminate trade barriers for U.S. wheat exports.

I am pleased President Trump, at our urging, added our concern to the agenda while meeting with President Bolsonaro.

Read the full letter on the right.

The Freedom Financing Act

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and I introduced the Freedom Financing Act to ensure large financial institutions cannot deny service to certain constitutionally-protected industries that are fully compliant with all laws and statutes.

A small number of banks controlling most of the financial sector could effectively illegalize legal commerce by refusing to finance certain industries or process certain transactions. Look no further than pro-Second Amendment industries where such discrimination has already occurred. Big banks should not be the arbiters of constitutionality.
I introduced the Freedom Financing Act with Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta in North Dakota

I invited Secretary Acosta to come to North Dakota during a meeting in January and I’m pleased he accepted my invitation. Thursday's events gave us the opportunity to hear directly from the people of North Dakota about problems and solutions regarding the workforce shortage, association health plans, and tribal colleges.
Governor Burgum joined Secretary Acosta and me on our first stop to discuss North Dakota’s workforce challenges and United States Department of Labor's de-regulatory agenda.
Secretary Acosta and I made the most important stop of the day at Tower City.
We ended the events by meeting with tribal college presidents at United Tribes Technical College.

I am grateful that Secretary Acosta got to hear directly from the great people of North Dakota about health care, workforce development, and the important issues facing them.

New Video Highlighting Team Minot

As part of a new series highlighting North Dakota's military community, we released a video touting the work being done at Minot Air Force Base. These airmen defend our greatest defense. They say "only the best come north" for a reason. Those at Minot Air Force Base – and all in the Air Force – selflessly offer to put their lives on the line to protect us.

Contact Me

I currently have offices in Fargo, Minot and Washington, D.C. Offices in Grand Forks and Bismarck will open in May. You can stop by or call any of the following offices. You can also visit my website at www.cramer.senate.gov.


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