Kathy and Jeanne Go to Prague


We planned our trip to Prague down to the last detail, leaving for Prague on May 5, or so we thought. However, I had neglected to completely clear the date, and found after we made reservations, that I couldn't get away until the 6th! Undaunted, the intrepid Jeanne Freedland arrived in Prague on her own on the 5th and I joined her the next day.

Our apartment in the old city was pretty perfect - for location, that is. We were expecting 2 bedrooms, got one. 2 beds, got a king and an air mattress. SOMETHING in the refrigerator (even a bottle of water would have done), got nothing. A few condiments like salt and pepper, zip. On the plus side, the apartment building was recently and beautifully re-done, we had an elevator (yay!), and the apartment itself was bright, clean and well appointed in an IKEA sort of way. All in all a success. Well done, Jeanne.

Day 1 - Segway!

As is our custom the first thing we did was take a Segway tour of the city. Such fun and the easiest way to see a place without ruining your feet. My favorite moment? Whizzing by the poor people who had to hike up to the Castle.

City Sights

Such a beautiful city!

Day Two - City Tour and "Cruise"

This was billed as a City Tour (on a bus) and River Cruise with lunch. Silly me, I thought we would actually be on a bus and then on a boat with lunch on the river. When will I learn not to take Viator at its word? This is the second time I have been hoodwinked, and while it turned out OK, it was NOT what I had expected. Turns out it was a bus to the Castle (top do the hill), a get out and walk tour with lunch at a restaurant on the way down the hill, a proper trudge around the city capped off by a 30 minute "sail" on the river. Basically an out, chug past the little falls, turn around and chug back in.

Top of the hill - the Castle, St. Vitus church and the long road down.

The Castle
St. Vitus church - a real stunner

More pictures from the forced march down the hill

The way down and a look back

The Knocker

Of particular interest was this door knocker - it is Adam on top and Eve on the bottom - when used, apparently Adam kisses Eve's knees. Or so the guide said. I wonder.

The Infamous "Cruise"

Bon voyage

At least we got to sit down which, by that time, was very welcome.

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