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june, 2020: ZOOM

The onset of a global pandemic in March caused the postponement of what was to be the final session of Leadership North Dakota's inaugural year. We've waited for the dust to settle ... Read Full Summary

March, 2020: Bismarck

Due to impacts of the global pandemic, the sixth and final session of Leadership North Dakota's inaugural year has been postponed.

bonus session - February 2020, Grand Forks

The Leadership North Dakota cohort was surprised with an opportunity to participate in an exclusive fireside chat with Harold Hamm, Continental Resources Executive Chairman, while he visited Grand Forks February 28th. University of Mary president Monsignor James Shea served as the host … Read Full Summary

February, 2020: Dickinson

Leadership North Dakota traveled west to Dickinson for its fifth session. To start, the cohort visited Baker Boy and was soon decked out in hard hats, hair nets, shoe covers and aprons. Baker Boy does a great job keeping their environment clean and taking every precaution to ensure quality. The workplace culture was friendly and warm (contrary to the large freezers we walked through). All jokes aside, Baker Boy is a close-knit group that really values its workforce. In addition to the amazing employees … Read Full Summary

January, 2020: Grand Forks

Leadership North Dakota rolled into Grand Forks for its fourth session. We began with a roundtable discussion on the University of North Dakota (UND) campus. Our guest speakers were Nick Flom and Mark Askelson, the directors of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site and UND’s Research Institute for Autonomous Systems, respectively. Flom and Askelson explained the genesis of North Dakota’s interest in UAS, or drones … Read Full Summary

December, 2019: Fargo

Leadership North Dakota’s third session began with an amazing view, from the 17th floor of the Block 9 tower located at the corner of Broadway and Second Avenue North in downtown Fargo. Co-developers Kilbourne Group and R.D. Offutt Company have partnered on the 290,000 square-foot Block 9 project that will include office space for more than 300 R.D. Offutt team members, retail space, a hotel, 6 residential condominiums, a community plaza, and a parking structure. The civic plaza is envisioned to become a gathering and celebration space for the region, while the entire Block 9 project is expected to generate economic opportunity, including an influx of jobs into Fargo’s core... Read Full Summary

November, 2019: watford city

On November 21st, Leadership North Dakota met in Watford City to explore the Oil and Gas industry and the Lencioni theme of Fear of Conflict. To kick off the session, the cohort donned coveralls, steel toed boots, and hard hats for a behind the scenes oil field tour hosted by Oasis Petroleum. Tour participants traveled to a site northeast of Watford City, where they witnessed the drilling process. After viewing how the geologic and drilling data is analyzed, they climbed the drilling rig to watch as the crew....Read Full Summary


On October 24, 2019, the first ever Leadership North Dakota cohort gathered in Bismarck for an immersive experience that will span the next six months. The genesis of Leadership North Dakota took place years ago for the purpose of building leadership capacity in our state. The University of Mary stepped up to develop a program, Leadership North Dakota, that pursues a three-fold purpose: 1) providing networking opportunities for individuals who are set to take prominent leadership roles in the future; 2) exploring various communities and industries and, in doing so, identifying challenges that each face moving forward; and ....Read Full Summary