Father Michael Trail Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Michael Trail '16 (Archdiocese of Chicago), Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Submitted by: Rose Olivieri

Father Michael Trail is the textbook description of what a parish priest should be. He is such a caring person and this care he demonstrates every day of his life. Even though attending Mass in person was not possible during the pandemic, Father Trail‘s video taped Masses made you feel you were right there in the church. His homilies are always moving and heartfelt and this is evident because Father Trail uses no notes.

Additionally, Father has volunteered to anoint the sick throughout this pandemic without a thought to his own health and safety. He is a dedicated, approachable, caring priest and I am blessed to know him.

Father Trail is the modern example of the “old time” priests I grew up with. May God continue to bless him as he conducts his many ministries.

When my husband died two years ago, it was Father Trail who became my rock. Father had only been assigned to my parish, Queen of All Saints, for about a month when my husband died. Father had come to anoint my husband with the Last Rites prior to his death, so I was happy that Father wanted to say his funeral Mass. Father spent time with me and our sons and asked us for details about my husband. The funeral Mass was so moving and, with no notes, you would have sworn that Father knew my husband all of his life. When my grief became too much to bear, it was Father Trail I turned to for guidance. Instead of me questioning why God allowed my husband to be taken from me, my faith became stronger because of his intervention.

Father Michael Trail deserves to be recognized with this Award because he is truly a priest for the people. He serves without looking for anything in return, he is caring and loving of everyone, from young children to the seniors, like me. He makes it his business to get to know the people he serves, and this is a trait that not all priests embrace. Father Trail gets my vote, and I am sure if you polled the parishioners of the 3 parishes he has been assigned to, it would be unanimous.

Father Trail will certainly be embarrassed by the attention, but he deserves every compliment and more. I thank God he heard his call to the priesthood because so many have benefited because of it.