Body Systems Kevin

The nervous systems is made of the brain spinal .

The nervous systems makes it impossible to choose something or do something

Always been the most interesting .

needs energy

all living things in the body use energy

the saliva destroys the hard fod

You need oxygen to keep living

oxygens enters in your lungs

the brain says when it needs more oxygen

you need lots of muscle in your body

strong muscles

need muscles to achieve different things

we all have 356 bones

you need bones to live

without bones we would not be able to stand


Created with images by evillalba - "Circulatory System" • IsaacMao - "Brain" • GreenFlames09 - "Muscle Man" • crackdog - "Interior of the heart, lungs,liver, and stomach from The Household Physician, 1905" • Double--M - "Drawing of the hand and wrist, circa 1900" • GreenFlames09 - "IMG_0255"

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