Reconstruction Begins What is going to happen to our south

The south was destroyed during gthe civil war, reconstruction is going to put it back together. Considering the state it's in, there going to need a lot of help. All communication and travel networks have been destroyed. Much of its infrastructure is destroyed and the economy is in shambles.

Two Presedential Plans

Lincolns’ bad plan for reconstruction was to get 10 % of people in the south to vote that slavery was a mistake and that they would pledge alegence to the union. But as we know, Lincoln was tragically assasinated in Ford's Theater before he could even put this plan into motion. Afterwards, Johnson's took over with his new plan to rebuild. He now wants to get 50% of people in the south to vote on the same thing, absurd.

Slavery Ends in Texas

Recently a union general, Gordon Granger, who fought against and killed many of us has been elected to lead on of the new 'southern districts.' It seams to be his job to make us give up our slaves. The newly freed slaves are now celebrating a new holiday of there creation, Juneteenth. As we have said before, president Johnson expects us to do some absurd things to get back into the union and I understand all those who have fought against it. I guess we rebelled a bit too much and that is why this 'carpetbagger' is here.

New Texas Governer Elected and the Constitution of 1866

Resident Andrew Johnson elected one Andrew Jackson Hamilton to be the Texan governer. We also created our own new constitution. This constitution limited the power of any freed black people. The union did not apriciate this and forced us to recal it because everyone there were confederates. Who else would we appoint to create our constitution, northerners?

Congress Takes Control and Radical Reconstruction Begins

The United States congress has decided that Andrew Johnson's already absurd plan was not enough and have decided to put in a new even more preposterous plan. Most of those in congress are radical republicans and that is the biggest reason for this terrible change of events. They have places there own people in our offices and important positions. Congress has created five Militairy districts across the south and is forcing former confederates to sign the ironclad oath, this oath makes them swear loyalty to the union if they want to rejoin.

Freedmen Get the Vote

I The Anti-American freedmen's bureau has recently made the pro-negro law that states black men may now vote. About 20,000 black people were registered to vote. Now a new organization called the Klu Klux Klan has emerged to oppose black men's rights

Reconstruction Ends

Reconstruction has finally ended today on March 20,1870 now we can start getting back to the way it was before. Its going to be hard, with blacks in our senate and offices, they are no more than former slaves, not fit for office. All of the blacks have formed little communities all over the state thank god they’re not living in our towns. But know the democrats will win the political election again and we will once again have control. I can't wait for it to go back to the way it was

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