Newsletter 4 September 2020

Message from the Principal

Mrs Carlie Deppeler

Last week I sat in a Zoom meeting with other Principals of Independent schools in Sydney, listening to Kerry Chant, NSW Chief Health Officer, explain the new COVID restrictions for schools. There were lots of positive to come out of that meeting and it gave me perspective and also respect for someone who is managing NSW health through a pandemic. But as she emphasised the issue with singing in this COVID environment, it made me just a little sad as I know that our students have been humming rather than singing happy birthday to their friends! It seemed that the fun was being taken out of school.

Later that evening I spoke with my parents, who live in Melbourne, who shared that their tap water needed to be boiled but they had no power with which to do that, and the supermarkets were all out of bottled water. The world is definitely a crazy place to live right now. However, every day I come to work and I see students with smiles on their faces and willing to share with me what they have been learning and I see teachers thinking of creative ways to keep our kids safe whilst making leaning a fun journey. This week the Middle and Senior School had Week of Worship, and the enthusiasm that the Chaplains and the students showed towards this event has warmed my heart and reminded me that the Bible in Jeremiah says we have a hope for the future and God has plans for our prosperity and not our harm.

Chaplains Corner

Pr Jess Laws - Chaplain - Kellyville Campus

- This week is one of the most exciting weeks of any Chaplain – Week of Worship! Despite the challenges that group gatherings have created, we have been blessed to be able to create a personal experience by a combination of pre-recorded videos and collaboration from our local pastors. Each homeroom has been enjoying their own live activities and discussions along with students involved in the hosting, special musical items, countdowns, and drama! And the best of fun happens at lunch, with each year group being assigned an exciting activity each day challenging them to be brave, from low slacklines to jumping on a wipeout machine! (See pictures below). The messages this week have been brought to us by another Sydney-sider pastor, Josh Carnie – he has been inspiring and challenging students to think about what it means to “Dare to Believe” and follow the exciting path that we discover God is leading us to when we take ownership of our lives! Along with the lunchtime challenges to find the hidden toy animal, the meme competition, and the student-created posters around the school there has been endless opportunity to get involved and participate in what this special week has on offer!

- This week is always a huge blessing and a lot of fun not only for students but for staff also. As a chaplaincy team, we pray that it is remembered as a high point for many months, and that students are challenged to own their faith journeys and find Jesus.

- Our theme verse for the week: “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Week of Worship Fun Lunchtime Activities

New Staff Profiles

Mr Greg Meddick - Business Manager

Greg Meddick is our new Business Manager, and we are very happy to welcome him to this integral role within the College Administration team. Greg comes to us with extensive experience in Management and Finance, having previously worked with Sanitarium, and more recently as the Chief Financial Officer for Candy Brokers.

Greg is married to Carolyn, who is an Architect, and they have four children. Greg is looking forward to his time here at Hills, and is keen to make a contribution to the future growth of the College.

Ms Claire Korte - Counsellor

We welcome Claire Korte to the role of Counsellor at Hills. She will be joining us in this role while Sarah Kross is on maternity leave. Claire has completed her honours degree in Psychology and has been working for Lifeline in Crisis Management. She has also been working in a volunteer capacity at Wahroonga Adventist School. Claire will be caring for students currently seeing Sarah, and is happy to take on new students. Claire is a former student of Hills Adventist College, and we are very happy to welcome her back as part of our wellbeing team.

Mrs Jaquerli Serafim - Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs Jaquerli Serafim has joined us to teach Kindergarten at Kellyville campus until the end of the year, while Alyssa Weslake is on maternity leave. Jaquerli originally studied a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition, and later a Master of Teaching (Primary). Jaquerli is married with three adult children, who all studied at Hills Adventist College. She attends Kellyville Adventist Church, and has been involved in leading out in Sabbath School and other activities with her church. She feels God has led her to the teaching profession, and particularly to this role at the school her children attended. She is looking forward to teaching our littlest students on campus, and sharing Jesus with them. We welcome Jaquerli to our College!


Early Learning Centre Vacancies

Our Early Learning Centre at Castle Hill Campus currently has limited vacancies in their Pre-School (3-4 years) and Prep (4-5 years) rooms. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a caring environment with an excellent school-readiness program, please enquire with our Director, Mrs Elna Hale on 9851 5100. The centre offers care from 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Middle & Senior School Art Competition

Entries due Monday!

School Banking

Just a reminder for our Castle Hill campus families that school banking has now recommenced. Please send banking books to school by Wednesday mornings.

Second Hand Uniforms for Sale

Kellyville Campus office has limited second-hand uniforms for sale:

All 2nd hand shirts girls/boys $5.00 - $10

Trousers $10-$20

All girls skirts $20

Sports tops and shorts – all $10 each piece

Please contact Mrs Baltzois, Kellyville Receptionist, for more information on 9851 5101.

Re-Enrolment for 2021

Once again, we are beginning to make plans and provisions for staffing and resources for next year.

Please be reminded that under the terms of the College enrolment policy, families must provide at least one full term’s notice of withdrawal. As we are now planning for 2021, it would be appreciated if you could notify Mrs Kay Reilly by emailing registrar@hills.adventist.edu.au as soon as possible, and prior to the end of Term 3, if your child is not returning to the College next year.

If your child is continuing their enrolment at our College in 2021, there is no need to do anything. Thank you for noting this.

Bus Applications for 2021

Please note that if you require the College Bus Service in 2021, applications are now open. Applications will close 30 October, so all students (future and current) please click on the link below to submit your application

Late Pick-Up From School

Please note that we have After School care at both Castle Hill and Kellyville Campuses. This service runs until 6:30pm. If you know you will not be able to pick up your child by the end of staff supervision time (3:35pm at Kellyville and 3:20pm at Castle Hill), please arrange with our after school care provider, Mini Miracles to obtain a casual booking with them for the day. If you know you are going to be late on a regular basis, please arrange an ongoing booking with them. Application forms for casual or ongoing bookings can be obtained from the College office, otherwise, you can contact the Mini Miracles Area Manager directly at: lauraca94@hotmail.com. Mini Miracles have very reasonable rates, and are eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.

School Car Park Reminder

As you pick up and drop off students at school, please respect the 10km/hr speed limit in our school car parks at all times, and be careful as you drive in and around the school, particularly when reversing. We thank you for helping care for our students by your careful driving habits in and around the College.


Wellbeing Show Incursion

Junior School students recently had a visit from the Wellbeing Show. They shared age-appropriate strategies for the students to help with regulating their emotions, build resilience and deal with others in a positive way. The students enjoyed their time with the Wellbeing Show and had lots of fun!

We Have Chickens!

After much anticipation, watching the construction of the chicken coop on the Kellyville campus, we now have new chickens.

Thank you to the Muj family for donating 'Nugget' and 'Chickousky', two beautiful silky chickens. Mr Fehlberg also has provided a place of retirement for two old 'chooks' who are yet to be officially named.

Thanks also to Campus Management Team, Mr Fehlberg, Damien and Zac for all their hard work, especially in the heat of summer, to build such an exciting addition to our school.

Here's what some of the Year 5 students said:

"It's nice to have their company. It's funny to watch them do stuff like kick and run into the tree." Ekavir

"The chickens are great for our school because people can go and see them at lunch and give them treats." Avril

Zoravar and Nate think they are "Cute, fluffy and fun to play with."

"It gives Mr Fehlberg something fun to do" thought Rohit. (I'm not sure if Mr Fehlberg agrees??)

"The chickens are very cute and fun to look at - how they waddle around and make weird noises." Oliver

- Mrs McDonald,Year 5 Teacher

Featherdale Wildlife Comes to School

During Week 5, Kindergarten had a visit from Featherdale Wildlife Park to show us some different types of animals. Students enjoyed listening and learning about these animals as well as getting to touch them, which was the best part! We learnt about the unique coverings they have depending if they are a bird, a reptile or a mammal. We also learnt about what they like to eat. This was part of our unit on Staying Alive in Science. It was a fun and engaging incursion!

- Mrs Weslake and Mrs Rudenko

“Are We There Yet?”

Year 1/2 and Year 2 from our Castle Hill campus have been learning about People and Places in Geography. We ventured on “Adventist Airways” with our pilots (bus drivers) Sandra and Kevin and flight attendants Mrs Tuitama and Miss Trott. The children enjoyed guessing the clues for each destination and sharing their connections to each place. We even had refreshments along the way and some quick stop overs to stretch our legs.

Can you guess this destination?

Adventure in the trees...Fresh air to please...come here for a hike... but not so good if you're riding a bike...WHERE AM I?

- Mrs Tuitama and Miss Trott

Sports News & Announcements

Congratulations Prapta!

Prapta (Yr 7) was selected last weekend to play in Canberra in the Under 13 Gee Shield NYC (NSW Youth Championship) squad for PDCA (Parramatta District Cricket) Under 13 NYC Rep team. His team won and he will now be participating in the Kookaburra Cup, in Canberra on 7-9 October, 2020 and also the Orange Cricket Carnival on 4-7 January 2021. We congratulate Prapta on his success.

Developing Cricket Skills

We are lucky to have Sydney Thunder come to our Castle Hill campus each year to teacher cricket skills during our PDHPE classes. See below for a program they are running in the area for primary aged children.

Home & School Association

Volunteers Needed!

Home and School are looking for people who are interested in and have skills with

- writing quiz questions for our upcoming online trivia night (probably end of October)

- assisting in developing an online store (including photographing & cataloging stock)

If you have experience or are interested please contact us at homeandschool.secretary@gmail.com

Home & School Newsletter

Don’t forget to sign up for the Home & School newsletter if you have not already done so by clicking on the link below:

Parent Facebook Groups

Don't forgot Home & School run a Parent Facebook Group for each year level. Search for "HAC Year ** 2020" (ie. HAC Year 4 2020) on Facebook, and request to join, if you aren't already a member of these groups. We have also created a new Parent Group for our Early Learning Centre parents, spread the word! Its HAC ELC 2020.

Fundraising Opportunity

With little opportunity presently to meet in person Home and School is trying something new for fundraising, and we would love it if you could support it … The Entertainment Book.

Books are now 100% digital, meaning no more of those bulky books, and for every book purchased we will receive 20%. This money will go directly back into the College to support projects like we have in the past …. the renovation of the Junior School toilets, the current acquisition of the laser cutter and the purchase of equipment across the 2 campuses, to name a few.

At $69.99 for a single city membership its great value and you have 30 days to activate your membership. Your 12 months start from when you activate, rather than the previous June to June year.

For those concerned that in the current climate the membership might not be worth it, the staff at the Entertainment Book assure us they are constantly working with their providers to ensure those who purchase memberships can continue to access deals.

Some discounts include:

• Leaf Café & Co. North Kellyville – 25% off take-away/dine-in up to $20

• Made in Italy (multiple locations) – 25% off take-away up to $25

• Pizza Hut (multiple locations) – 25% off up to $50

• Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and Big W – 5% off gift cards

• City Beach – 10% of eGift cards

• JB HiFi – 5% off eGift cards

…..and so many more

If you can support this new initiative of Home and School follow the link included, and please share with family and friends. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Home & School team at homeandschool.secretary@gmail.com

To order books simply follow the link below and your membership will be ready to go as soon as you choose to activate it!

Extra-Curricular Activities

Please see below for some of the extra-curricular activities that are available to students in Term 3. Please contact the College for a complete list. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact the provider directly.

Castle Hill Campus

Kellyville Campus