Latin America By: Jared barnwell

1. I choose the Latin America section of the museum because I felt that it represent how far the Latin culture has come. Once coming to America, they had many hardships when it came to finding jobs and providing for their family. They have overcome many obstacles and now can freely hold leadership positions anywhere in the world. In this course, we have learned a lot about being minorities and the oppressed. These pieces of artwork that are displayed within the Harn were items I believed related directly to those topics in which we have discussed. They show the struggles that Latin Americans faced and still do face in our country along with many other nations.

2. The concepts that we have covered in class relate to the Latin American section because the photos clearly represent that they have had their fair share of time dealing with poverty. This closely links to the video that we have been watching in class, "A Place At The Table."

3. The art exemplified diversity by having men and women out working in the fields. Unlike what you would typically expect especially back in the day when most men worked in the fields while the women work at home taking care of the children and house.

4. The art observation made me feel a little sad to see how miserable and depressed all the people seemed in the photos. It was hard to see some of the working and living conditions that they had to deal with. However, at the same time, it was nice to learn more about the culture and to see how far the Latin community has come.

5. Some things that I learned while attending the Harn Museum were that it is important to always be thankful for what you have. It is easy to want things that you don't have and to complain about it. When I think about the people in the photos, it makes me realize that I have never had and never will have to deal with many of the hardships they dealt with.

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