Donatello's Bo Staff a DIY by Ethan Daring

I found the stick that I was going to use for my DIY project in the woods. I decided to use it for a replica of donatello's bow staff. Donatello is one of the four ninja turtles he has the most intelligence. He also fights his enemies with a bo staff. He has rope wrapped around the middle where he holds it. He is also very good in ninjutsu. Donatello is very good with computers and hacking. He loves pizza. Donatello's stick has all the bark off of it and a rope tied in the middle.


I shaved all of the bark off of my stick and got the twigs that were coming off of it.


Made sure all of the bark was off.


Figured out what I was gonna do with my stick

Cut all the knots off my stick. Made sure all the bark was off and the edges were flat.


Cut the rope into my stick. To where I could hold the stick.

Day 5

Finished cutting the rope into my stick

Day 6

Sanded my stick and made sure it was smooth.

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