Thanksgiving Break Devin Califf

The turkey was good, a little dry. but always good with pound of ketchup.
Ham was good, never dry. always good without ketchup.
This was also good, didn't it ketchup on it but it was still good.
Spending time with family is always the best, never a boring moment when your family's around.
Got to watch Clemson tear the Gamecocks slam up in a blowout game.
Did alot of skating over break almost broke some bones in the process. but it was ight i reckon.
Shot alot of guns over break with the family, favorite one was a S&W .380 my uncle owns.
Ended up buying a new phone over break cause i ended up breaking mine over break.
Trained my dog to sit and sick people if i say so, he's a pit not this one on the screen.
Did some mud bogging and sank the truck 3ft in a dryed up river bed, pulled it out yesterday evening.


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