Outcome 4: Post Test Analysis+Office Hours Visit

I chose to do my post-test analysis not only on my most difficult class, but on the most difficult test given in that class: the midterm. I chose this test because it was the lowest of the semester so far, and I really felt that having Dr. Batt walk through it with me would help me better prepare for this exam. I'm including a post test analysis sheet which is filled out explaining the errors I made in the exam, I'm also explaining my plan for future exams based on what I learned in the analysis.

The post-test analysis made me cringe a little bit. This was my hardest test, and also hardest to prepare for due to an exam 12 hours prior to its 8am start time. Going through the exam it was pretty obvious that I had made more effort on some material than others and that there were some things that I had missed entirely. At the same time it was invaluable to have Dr. Batt show me why I had missed points where I did and how I could prevent it in the future. This was really helpful as a lot of the mistakes I made were consistent across other problems of the same type and could be easily fixed if I spent more time preparing to answer the questions in the way she would be asking them, for example making sure that I was comparing similarities AND differences between differing sterilization processes. Another valuable insight went along with the drawing problems in that I knew what labeling she would be looking for in the future final exam and I could better learn what she would be grading instead of being oblivious (which cost me 20pts) One thing that was clear was that I failed to prepare adequately for an exam that would have been a strenuous test of my skill had I studied appropriately.

For my final exam in Perishable packaging I'm going to change the way I approach the material on the day to day. With it only having one class a week its easy to forget about during the rest of the week. I am going to start reviewing the information on a more regular cycle than just once every week or so. I have my class at 8am on Tuesday and have solid class time all the way until 3pm. After this I would like to plan to spend 30-45 minutes reviewing what I learned in lecture that day and touching up on any notes I may have missed. The next day, Wednesday, I have no class after 10am so I will have plenty of time to spend an hour or so reviewing again and starting to rewrite my notes. On Friday, I work for 3 hours in the morning and have ample time to spend studying or wasting time. This time I will allocate to note rewriting as I don't usually have anything else to do. I think if I do these things on a weekly basis it will provide a good


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