Texas Reconstruction News And the struggles of the south by Will and SEbastiAn

Reconstruction, the war left us with the task of rebuilding our government and land. All of the south is in ruins and relations with others is tense. Texas is barren, left with no railroads and no swift way of transportation other than horseback. Because much of the fighting was fought on southern soil, much of the south lay in chaos and ruin.

Former president Abraham Lincoln's plan for reconstruction was that if 10% of the population of the state took an oath, they could be readmitted to the U.S. Unfortunately the republican president Lincoln was assassinated by the dashing man John Wilkes Booth. After this the democratic Vice President Andrew Johnson became the president. He put a more strict penalty on the south and required them to pay off all their debts, nullify the act of succession, and ratify the 13th amendment.

Gordon Granger was the first general that came to Texas to enforce the slave owners to free the slaves. Juneteenth is the day that all the slaves are free. Today it must be happy for them.

The freed mans bureau is now implemented to teach former slaves to read and write and give them food

Hamilton is now the governor of Texas because he as a unionist from Texas that ran away during the civil war. The delagates were ex confederate troops and generals. The convention was biased.

The constitution of 1866 canceled secession and state's war debt and abolished. The ex confederates didn't put the thirteenth or fourteenth amendments in the constitution. And black codes restrict African Americans from having rights

The radical republicans beilved that African American people should every right as white people. Congress split the south into five different districts. The ironclad oath says that when you take the oath you say you are not a part of the confederacy, or aided the confederacy.

Freedmen now registered other freedmen to vote. Now 50,000 freedmen war authorized to vote. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is know for their racist and terriostic beliefs to scalwags and carpetbaggers. KKK was against carpetbaggers and scalwags because they supported former slaves and African American.



Reconstruction has finally ended, on this date march, 30th 1870. White democrats are now upset that African Americans are in office. Now African Americans or freedmen now live in consolidated rural and barren neighborhoods.


On this day January 19th 1874 the republican rule is over. Democrats now control the state government.


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