Alison Balsom A star trumpeter

When Alison Balsom was quite young when she began to play trumpet. She has pushed herself to become one of the best female trumpeters. Alison has grown from being a little girl playing trumpet to a successful adult winning awards for her great talents. Also, Balsom has even played the ancient trumpet called a buisine. To add to that, on a site called fans voted her to be in 4th place out of 49 musicians! Alison Balsom is one amazing person, with a story that should most definitely be told.

On October 7, 1978 Alison Balsom was born to her Mother and Father, Zena Balsom and William Balsom.She was born and raised in the United Kingdom’s city of Royston. Balsom was married to Edward Gardner, but they split after about 2 years of marriage. Though, not before they had their son Charlie Gardner. Alison is now 38 years old.

(Very Left) Alison Balsom with her son Charlie Gardner (Middle) Alison Balsom (Very Right) Alison Balsom at Gabriel at the Globe with the buisine.

Alison Balsom is a music educator as well as a professional trumpet player. She has won the Classic Brit Award for Female Artist of the Year. She also won the Classic Brit Award for Young British Classical Preformer or Group. Alison is so dedicated to her work that when she found there was no place to rehearse in the airport, she went to a disused building site to practice. Furthermore, she participated in the play Gabriel at the Globe in 2013. This was the event in which she played the buisine. Overall, Alison Balsom is quite the star trumpeter. She has overcome the many challenges she has been faced by in life. Which is why she is a renaissance person.

Alison Balsom playing the buisine at Gabriel at the Globe

Alison Balsom playing the buisine.

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