A Journey To The Office and some info on code

Hi my name is Brody Graham,my GH passion was RC cars, I chose this because I was fascinated by the live streams and the wireless connection of RC cars. I decided to use dash because of the cameras and sensors that he are all over the robot. Also, Dash can be at the office, and the ipad can be in the classroom, and The robot is still going to work. Now, the purpose of my project is to code dash to bring the folders to the office without anyone leaving the classroom. This reflects my passion because dash is an RC car with a wireless connection and cameras.

All Of These Objects Use Code To Work

what is code?

Code is all around us, in us, and coming from us. Code is used in many devices including smartphones, TVs, and tablets. Those are only a few devices. Code affects our daily lives, from the coffee machine to your GPS almost everything is made with code. When you send a text code transfers the text from device to device. Code is very cool and so are the languages that are used in coding.

coding languages

When were there first coding languages? 1951! Coding languages are the different kinds of code in games and programs. All codes translate into Binary code the most important and the most difficult coding language. The only language computers understand is Binary so the computer translates the code into Binary every time. Hint-hint, Binary is only 1s and 0s. Low-level code is the easiest kind of code and- can you guess which one is the hardest?- that rights, high-level. Now that we’ve gone through code and coding languages let's go deeper into the world of devices and take a look at programs.


Source code is in the program and translates into Binary code with three steps:

Source code-Assembly language

Assembly language-Machine code

Machine code-Binary code

Different languages are used for different coding, and certain languages are used on certain software. Code has many amazing features but so does dash.

apps on this smartphone have many programs in them

project explanation

Once I finished my written report I knew I was going to have to start on my project as soon as I could. I needed to code dash a far distance and when I started coding dash I thought it was going to be easy, turns out I was wrong. More than half the time dash would run into the wall because of its swerving. When I complained to Ms. Southmayd about the swerving she said that maybe I could adjust dash’s position before he ran into the wall. Once I had done that and finally got him up to the office I had to add the folder carrier on,and,I have to admit,I probably should have made the carrier the number one priority. After I had the carrier on I needed to solve some problems.

Weight/drag - Dash goes a shorter distance and has a more difficult time going up ramps

Control - Dash swerves less with the carrier on compared to without the carrier on, but he swerves more sharply when he does swerve with the carrier on.

Wheelies - Dash does wheelies with the carrier on and sometimes he tips over.

Because of those problems I had to struggle through it, but I eventually made it to the office. After I made it to the office I made an iMovie and put in an Intro and an conclusion. I also put the movie in time lapse and added background music and sound effects. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Brody Graham


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