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Technology is a huge part of my life now as it is for most people who live in America. I tend to spend most of my day using technology; from my laptop, T.V. or cellphone, all of these provide entertainment and are also tools which I use to do work or store information. It’s interesting to look at how much I use technology now compared to when I was growing. When I was in elementary school I remember getting my first CD player, I loved being able to listen to music all the time and it provided me a lot of good entertainment and memories. This was my first technology which I owned and used often but not nearly as much as devices I own now.

Technology was slowly getting less expensive and more user friendly. As a result when I was in elementary school I got my first cellphone and computer which both my brother and I shared. At the time it was very exciting to have our own computer where we could play games like Pajama Sam or Backyard Baseball. For me growing up I wasn’t good at self-entertaining so having a computer to play games on alone was something brand new to me which allowed me to have fun while being alone. My parents were really strict with my brother and I for when we were allowed to play games though, it was strictly for weekend so we could focus on our school work during the week and even then we only got a few hours a day but at the time that wasn’t too much of a hassle since we loved playing outside and swimming in the pool.


Next in junior high I got my first iPod, this brought the ability for me to store all my music on one device which was a huge step forward from having to carry about a pack of CD’s and a clunky CD player. This was where my use in technology started to become more frequent; from using my IPod on the bus, in the car, in my room, at school, or anywhere else I wanted was so much fun. Around this time getting school assignments for which you needed a computer was becoming a standard. From presentations or papers, it was assumed that everyone had their own computer so the importance of learning and understanding how to use them was a part of my education. Of course I have so many memories of losing papers which I was working on when my computer crashed or having my printer stop working the night I needed to print an assignment. All of these led me to get a routine down for making sure to be on top of and ready for the worst to happen when using technology. This was the point in my life when technology was being used for more than just entertainment but also school which was changing how I used and saw how important technology was.


Once I reached high school I then had the convenience of having my own laptop and cell phone. This was the point in my life where technology was starting to be a huge part in my life. I was always using it for entertainment, school, and communication. Having a cellphone at the time was as common as having Facebook. It was becoming the norm for everybody to be connected and knowledgeable with using technology.


I got it my first laptop my junior year of high school the same year I got my own car. This was a huge convenience for me since before I would share a computer with my older brother, so being able to be able to do homework and relax on my own was definitely a huge perk. Now with getting my first laptop I was nowhere close to being a tech savvy person. I’m was a slow learner when it came to fixing problems with my laptop and using it to its full capability but eventually I got everything down. Today I use my laptop every day such as for homework and entertainment.

Now in my life technology is essential for school, entertainment, and everything. I use technology for checking my bank account online, communicating with my friends and family, turning in homework, and even watching shows or listening to music which is my favorite of all. Being in a technology age allows me to be able to discover news ways of learning and the ability to discover new things such as types of music. Technology has become such a huge part of our society now and of our everyday lives. What is technology now versus when I was growing up; technology is now any type of machinery or devices which helps with communicating, storing data, or used to perform tasks easier or faster compared to doing without. Now I can’t see myself living without technology in the future, technology is pushing what people are able to achieve and do which will never stop growing and it’s exciting to see what the future will hold.


First image: This photo is a reference to the first piece of technology I talk about. This is also the start of where I talk about my love and interest in music which I listen to using technology.

Second image: This photo is a reference to when I'm talking about getting my first IPod. This signifies the advancement of technology and also how I continually grew to using technology more in my life for entertainment.

Third image: For this image it's used to relate to when I talk about getting my first cell phone. This is the next continuation of newer technology and me growing and using technology more often. I also like how the image has a bit of creativity with it which is also an example of what you are able to do with technology.

Fourth Image: This image was used because it's related to my story of getting my first laptop. The image shows different apps being opened and used which I thought was a good example of how technology is being used for learning and school purposes at this point in my life.

YouTube video: I chose a YouTube song for my last technology reference because I reference music and using YouTube often for entertainment. This is also an example of what technology has evolved into and brought us today which I have now integrated into my life for daily use.

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