Cifernet 4As - Anyone Access Anything from Anywhere


Create the FASTEST and EASIEST VPN in the planet!

Provide an innovative new generation Smart VPN for users to remote access apps/data/devices in a much easier and faster way but at a much lower cost.

Why are we different?

Traditional VPN such as IPSEC, SSL are slow, hard to implement and manage, not flexible and at a higher cost of ownership. Cifernet is reinventing the VPN by combining SDN and Virtual Networking technology so that it can be deployed easily at a much lower cost to personal users and any size of businesses.


By setting up Cifergates and CIferNodes throughout the world at IDC to provide high speed tunnels.

End Users can then build their own networks using SmartNodes with the Cifernet Apps.

By Combining the Cifergates/CiferNodes and SmartNodes, users are able to access any devices/applications from anywhere securely (AES256 + SHA1-HMAC) and easily at a much lower cost than traditional methods.


Cifernet App in Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS; SMB SmartNode, Personal SmartNode....
Most Innovative VPN in the world!


Businesses need to remotely access internal file servers, printers, or access to intranet application such as Quickbook, Lacerte, Calyx Point, ERP, etc.

IT Support needs to RDP any computers inside the company from anywhere.

Property Management companies need to access IP security CAMs, Building Lights, Smart Devices, etc.

Personal users need to securely connect to the internet under public WiFi.

Travelers to China need to access Facebook, google, youtube, Neflix, etc.

Download and install the app...
Purchase and Setup the SmartNode....
  • No need to hire any professionals
  • No need to do any port forwarding
  • No need to open any ports in the router
  • No need to spend hard-earned money on expensive firewall/VPN
  • No need to pay monthly static IP charge to your internet provider
  • No need to pay high VPN license and annual support fee anymore
Login to Cifernet and select your own SmartNode
Wah~la! Quickbook is at your figuretips

And, of course, Local content is now available even out of the country!


No business is able to survive without income and no company can provide good services without, here's our affordable pricing:

Personal SmartNode: USD$99.00 per year for 5 connected devices, unlimited data!

SMB SmartNode: USD$499.00 per year for 20 connected devices, unlimited data!

Enterprise Consulting and Customized Solutions: Please contact us for free trial!

The End…. …For this presentation
But your journey to freedom has just begun!
Thank you!
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Ken Tsoi


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