North and South Koran Conflict By: Jacob Dahling

Intro: The conflict between north and South Korea takes place in north and South Korea. It is took place because the north wants all of Korea to be communist. The political party in the north is currently communist and in the south democratic.

Geographic analysis: The people involved in this conflict are the north and South Korean people. The enthnic group involved was the Korean people. Physical geography played a big role in this because they were fighting over land. The things being fought over in the Korean War were land and the political party of Korea. The Korean War didn't really affect any other regions except Korea because that's where they were fighting, but other countries did take sides in the war like the US so it affected them.

Evolution of the current Political Situation: The current political situation in Korea is in the north, communist, and in the south, democratic. The conflict in Korea arose on June 25, 1950. The north demanded that the south become communist and join them. Both sides want sovereignty because they both want Korea to be ruled by their political party. History has shaped this conflict because as this conflict already happened, the boarders still changed quite a bit through the war, but at the end the boarders became equal and looked a lot the same as they did before the war.

United States interests: The US should be concerned with this topic because fighting could break out again and then they would have to go over to South Korea to help again. The US has already defended South Korea in the war and they have prevented them from being overthrown. The US should put more bases near North Korea in it's neighboring countries to ensure the peace stays.

Road to recovery: This conflict could be solved by the US and South Korea getting the people in North Korea to realize how bad their life is and have them rebel and at the same time attack North Korea. North Korea has to fall for this problem to be solved. In the past the conflict between north and South Korea was solved by the US invading the North and assisting the South, so I think they should do that again.

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