Anahi's Goals Project English 2 Period 6

Semester Goal

My semester goal is get myself good grade in all my classes.The grades I want in my classes are A’s and B’s.

How I will achieve this:

1. I will study hard in my work.

2. I will do all my homework and double check if i got anything wrong.

3. I will also listen in all of my classes and not fool around and take things in class seriously if it's about work.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education

English Goal

My English goal is to get an A or a B in this class. I will study hard in my work and will study a day before a test or a quiz to get at least a B in the test or quiz.

How I will achieve this :

1. Go through all my work a day before a test or a quiz to study

2. Will ask help from my teacher for some help if need help on something and not just sit there in my seat and do nothing

3. I will also do my work and re look at all my work that has been done and check if there is anything wrong or If i am not sure that it is correct

The only way to get great work is to love what you do, I you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As wit all matters of the heart, you'll kn ow when you found it. - Steve Jobs

High School Goal

My high school goal is to get good grade, have good friends, to focus on my school work while I am in school, and working in my work

How I will achieve this:

1. i will be CAREFUL in who i choose for as my friends

2. i will focus on my homework, work, and anything else that also requires work

3. I will ask anyone to help me that understand on what i am doing or has the same question that i am having trouble on has finished it to help me and explain the work to me so i could understand it more

Good friend in hard times and good friends in good times - Max Sparber

After High School Goal

My after High School goal is to go to GCU and would be able to travel the world. What I would do to achieve those goals are to have a good GPA and have an Honors diploma and working hard to get some money so I could be able traveling the world to know places

How I will achieve this:

1. I will work hard to get a good gpa and get honors diploma so i could get excepted in a college mostly gcu

2. I will try to get a job so i could earn money so i can travel the world to see places i want to see or dreamed on seeing. like paris and spain

3.i will study hard in school and college so i can do what i want and would be able to do my dreams.

Personal Growth Goal

My personal growth is to have a good life and also a healthy life so i can do my dreams and doing anything that i want

How I will achieve this

1. Stay healthy

2. Stay in church

3. and believe in myself so i could do anything


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