Lord of the Flies 2018

The Wilnecote School has a long history of annual school productions but this year’s show was something of a break from tradition. Whilst it is the second year that we have opted for a play as opposed to a musical this production was a little different.

Lord of the Flies is a challenging play which tells the story of a group of children stranded on a desert island. The ensemble style performance, with a cast consisting of students from every year group, was powerful and engaging. Chants of the famous line “kill the pig, spill it’s blood” echoed around the stage as the choir of children became more and more tribal throughout their time on the island.

The production was supported by strong performances from the entire cast but highlights included Lucy Taylor Year 9, Jack Johnson Year 11, Bryony Wyatt Year 8, Lucy Williams Year 11 and Maisie Hudson Year 11. The use of lighting and sound effects, combined with fantastic acting really brought the play to life, for example the during Lucy Williams’ monologue during Act II.

Special thanks must go to technician Carl Savage and his team Izzy Chinn Year 9 and Will Morris (an ex pupil). As well as Art teacher Mr Thomas who designed and created the set together with some of his students.

It took a huge amount of time, effort, dedication and teamwork from everyone involved in the production and I am immensely proud, not only of the whole cast, but of everyone involved in the show. Now we have the challenge of ensuring next yers show is an even bigger success.

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