Getting to know Cassidy :) this is mostly a joke but also partly true 😂😂

If i could have an endless supply of any food it would be soup
If i was an animal i would be a dog. Not just any dog but a dog whom never gets adopted, no matter how hard it tries. It just wants love, the love nobody wants to give it.
My number one goal is to learn to love myself but also get that money so I can help my parents provide for my younger siblings.
My hero was and is Zsa Zsa Gabour, She got married 9 times to some men with big money & scammed them all!!
My other hero/icon is Rihanna! She does what she wants & left all the hottest rappers heartbroken with no regrets. She also got big money by doing her own thing. Goals AF
my fav things to do during the summer is tan, sleep, & eat

If i was going to make a movie about my life, it would be about my life. It would prob be a drama and a comedy bc i like to joke about things that hurt me. :)

Im vanilla icecream with sprinkles bc im very plain but i use makeup/sprinkles to cover that up & make me more exciting!:)

Tina from bobs burgers bc she is me af

If i could visit any place it would be a loving home. Because in the end thats all i will really crave (claire gave me this idea lol)

My ideal job is being a kindergarten teacher but also doing other things like being a sugar baby & also writing on the side, i couldn't find any pics of cute classrooms so sorry this looks boring lol

i'm most definitely a night person! I love the stars & the entire vibe night time gives me
My hobbies include shaping eyebrows, dabbling in makeup, avoiding school work & my issues by sleeping :)
Quirky things i dislike about myself: Everything
the weirdest thing i ate was a waffle sandwich with raw cookie dough in the middle (don't ask me why lol )
these are both my younger siblings & i love them too much to name only one thing that's my fav, they are just my fav in general (cheesy ik)

ok apparently there aren't any unique things abt me bc bshiri called me the "average teenage girl" 😂😂😂 like wow ok thank u

Ok the other questions aren't good questions so i'm ending this here lol 😛


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