Feudal Japan Summative By: Areen Lihony

The samurai code is called the “Way of the Warrior”. This means to be honest, fair and fearless in the face of death. This custom helps structure society because this way the citizens don’t doubt the samurai and they trust the samurai. Without the “Way of the Warrior” the people would be afraid of the samurai and probably get rid of the government because they do not trust.

Buddhism and Shinto were the main two religions in Japan. In shinto people worshiped their ancestors and the nature spirits as well as belief in sacred power (kami). Buddhism is a religion where people have beliefs and spiritual practices based on the teachings of amida buddha. These religions helped structure society by uniting everyone and helping people find peace. They also learned to be hopeful and respectful through practicing their religious traditions. Without these religions they would be less peaceful,peaceful and open minded.

Cultural diffusion is two cultures coming together and learn from each other. This would help the economy because when they learn from each other they would want some of the things the other culture has and they started to trade. It would also reduce conflicts because they would become allies.


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