Celebrating 150 Years Of Canada! By: Orna Saha


It is going to be Canada's 150 years Celebration. So what actually makes Canada, Canada? There are plenty and varieties of things that shape and form Canada how it is today. I will be telling you about three things that make Canada a better place and why those topics should be celebrated.

What I love best about Canada is their diversity. Canada’s Diversity is very open and accepting to everyone. Diversity has played an important role in forming and shaping Canada’s history (Evans). In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to enact an official policy of multiculturalism, showing how valued diversity is in Canada’s political and social landscape (Evans). Immigration has continued to flourish and increase around the years, with newcomers arriving from every corner of the globe. (Evans). Immigration started to expand from Europe after the two World Wars brought many new cultures, languages and religious groups to Canada which resulted in many changes in government policy and the first laws to protect diversity (Evans). Canada’s success as a diverse and inclusive nation didn’t happen by accident, and won’t continue without effort. Compassion, acceptance, and trust are the main essentials that have made Canada strong and free. Canada welcomes every culture, race, and ethnicity to our country and cherishes everyone for who they are, which makes this nation unique.

The diversity of Canada’s population is expected to increase significantly in the next two decades, especially in the large metropolitan cities and have predicted that 25 to 28% Canadian population will be foreign-born (Evans). The predictions of Canada’s diversity in the future seemed to look virtuous which means Canada is shifting into a better country day by day. Canada’s diversity should be celebrated and valued by all citizens because I believe diversity places a big role in Canada with different cultures, religions and ethnicity in our country we get to learn and develop new things. Many individuals from different places are immigrating to Canada seeking for a better life because they know Canada is full of opportunities and since it a multicultural place, it has lots to provide.

What I love best about Canada is their Education. The education system in Canada provides free education to all Canadians from kindergarten through grade 12 (or grade 11 in Quebec). Each of Canada's provinces is divided into district school boards that administer the elementary and secondary education programs. You need a Canadian work permit, Canada immigration should issue children a permit that will allow them to register in public school for free which most of our parents did. Each province administers has its own education system, so policies’ and requirements vary from province to province.

Every day when kids and teenagers got to school, they’re not aware that they are going to school for free. They should acknowledge the fact that education is free and taken to the next level giving children better experiences and knowledge. We should value and celebrate the point education may not be free in every country but it's truly a blessing that it is in Canada. We are acquiring so much knowledge gratuitously and the most important education is being provided to us and giving us an opportunity to take greater steps with it. It's not just Canada's free education, it's their education overall, Canada's universities are ranked 4th best universities which mean Canada has the best education. Free Education is important to me and should be celebrated because I am being provided with something that is pretty rare in most countries but in Canada I’m getting free education and education will help me exceed my knowledge and be used in greater things.

What I love about Canada is their Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is a multinational fast food restaurant best known for their coffee and donuts. Tim Hortons was invented by a Canadian Ice Hockey Player and entrepreneur named Miles Gilbert Horton who played in the NHL and helped won 4 Stanley Cups for the Toronto Maple Leafs (Tikkanen). It was developed by Tim and his brother Gerry who worked summer jobs and earned money to open a restaurant. In 1964, Tim established a little coffee and donuts shop, then known as "Tim Horton," that would eventually become a well-established Canadian franchise (Snyder and Commito). Tim opened his first coffee and donuts shop on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, Ontario, selling coffee for a quarter (Snyder and Commito). The shop became an enormous and massive success. Tim decided to expand it into a franchise, deciding to work with Ron Joyce as the store's first franchise (Snyder and Commito).

Eventually, Tim had passed away in 1974 but his shop kept expanding into greater and greater. They have received great opportunities to make Tim Hortons successful and which they have. Currently, there are over 3,500 Tim Horton’s franchises across Canada, almost 1,000 in the United States and 38 in the Persian Gulf (Snyder and Commito). Tim Hortons is now at a significant status and position right now. Tim Hortons is important to me because of course their coffee and everything else is delicious but the story behind how Tim Hortons was developed is very inspirational of how an Ice Hockey player turned out to establish his own coffee shop since he wasn’t paid much for playing hockey and how he had to work summer jobs just to start this restaurant.

To sum it up, I believe these topics should be celebrated and valued for Canada's 150th Year Celebration because Canada's Diversity, Free Education and Tim Hortons are part of making Canada so special today!

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