The Roman Legion and The First Punic War By: Evan Richard

What was the Roman Legion?

• Founded after romans set up republic

• After started conquering land

• Rome become leading power of Italy because military strength

• Army organized in legions

• One legion had 5,000 soldiers

• Divided into groups

• Each group had 60 to 120

Roman Legion

Roman Legion Advantages

• Had advantages on phalanx

• There group was small so faster

• In phalanx, fought as group and attacked from only one direction

• Legionary: individual soldier

• Each legionare depended on own fighting skills

• Would split up, smaller groups to attack from sides

• Also rear and front


What was their job

• To protect the land, they conquered

• To prevent Etuscrans getting control of rome

• To conquer land


What was a Legion Made up of?

• 10 cohorts

• 1 being the front and 10, back

• Cohort 1: made up of elite troops

• Cohort 2: consisted of weaker and newer troops

• Cohort 3: no special troops

• Cohort 4: more weak troops

• Cohort 5: again no special designation

• Cohort 6: made up of young troops

• Cohort 7: one of four weak cohorts and likely to find trainees

• Cohort 8: selected troops

• Cohort 9: another likely place to find trainees

• Cohort 10: Made up of good troops


What Was the First Punic War?

romans, carthaginians

two biggest powers

rome, recent conquered italy, war

carthage, trade

Who fought in the first Punic war and why?

• Roman republic and Carthage

• Fought to establish control, strategic placement, island

• Sicily and Corsica

Sicily and Corsica

How did it start and end?

• Messana ,Syracuse, established place on island

• Rome responded to challenge

• Attacked, Carthaginians forced out


• In 260, roman fleet failed, control of Sicily, opened way to corsica

• in 256, second roman fleet, established place on African Continent

• same year establish, beach head, African continent

• beach head: place taken from enemy, settled on beach, launch attack

African Continent

• Carthage was ready surrender

• Terms to severe

• In 255, carthage attacked new army calvary and elephants

• Drove rome in sea

• Battle resumed 254, but largely halted until 241

• 200 warships, gave control of sea, destroyed carthage stronghold

• Carthage surrendered, give rome control of sicily and islands

land before 1st punic war


• Still take control of land

• Formations

Other Story of Starting First Punic War

group mercenaries, mermertines

invited city, basically got bored

captured it

when finally tried to stop them, appealed to carthage

whose city technically just stolen

carthage bailed out

weren't so happy follow rules

appealing to Rome, made carthage angry


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