The Case for the "Good Reactor" Why 4th Gen Nuclear is better for the Environment

Why do we need nuclear? Coal and fossil fuels has lifted human race out of hand labor and poverty but with an increasingly high environmental cost. The truth about nuclear is quite simple. Only nuclear power can lift all humans out of poverty without cooking the planet, or keeping cities like Delhi and Beijing caked in deadly particulate matter, or extinguishing ocean life.

Earth can't afford low-density Intermittent Energy

Renewable Energy is low-density and intermittent energy vs. Nuclear
Old Nuclear is based upon the Pressurized/Boiling-Water Reactor, which was designed for nuclear submarines and is very manageable in the small power form factor. We must keep the current fleet in operation as they are emission free. The overall safety of the worldwide fleet is 4 times safer than solar or wind power generation. However it is expensive to build and maintain and can't be scaled fast enough and was never intended for Utility Scale energy production.
The Liquid-Fuel Reactor Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) Aircraft assembly line production of emission free MSRs • Can’t melt down • The fuel is mixed with Molten Salt thermal fluid; stable to 1500 C • Can’t Blow up • Low Pressure • Doesn’t use water • Walk Away Safe • If the plant has a problem, a magnetic drain opens or a fan-cooled freeze plug melts and the reactor fluid drains by gravity into safe cooling tanks. • No operator needed for automatic shut down • 1/3 the cost to build due to its inherent safety of low-pressure design • No pressure dome needed to handle 150 atmosphere steam explosions • No 150 atmosphere plumbing • Higher thermal efficiencies allows lower cost generation options • Online fueling and removal of Xenon and other unwanted elements • Co-generation Thermal without emissions • Desalinization • Water Treatment • Petrochemical process heat • Landfill to clean fuels • Coal to aviation gas • Can make fuel from Thorium: Rare Earths Elements processed for 'renewable energy manufacturing discards 15,000 tons of the super fuel Thorium yearly, enough Thorium to power the whole planet using MSRs.

Safety of Nuclear no Water cooling and Low-Pressure

Lifting the world out of Energy poverty

Cooking indoors with Dung

Daily 17,000 children under the age of 5 years old, die from lack of clean electricity to have clean water, refrigerated food and avoiding indoor cooking fire of coal or dung. To lift the energy impoverished, an additional 3 to 5 Cubic Miles of Oil (CMO) are needed by 2050.

Currently Mankind uses 4 Cubic Miles of Oil energy equivalence yearly and needs to add 3-5 CMOs by 2050. For planet to be run by 100% of emission free energy multiply the above by seven to nine times by 2050, to replace all fossil fuel energy sources.

Total emission free units needed to be added to our current energy by 2050

  • 23,000 to 23,100 Solar Thermal Parks or
  • 9 to 12 Million Wind Turbines or
  • 12 to 20 Billion Solar Roof Tops or
  • 7500 to 12,500 small MSRs

Wind is massively dependent on Natural Resources and Land area

Warren Buffet told an audience in Omaha, Nebraska recently. "For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit."

Wind Turbine use of natural resources required for a 2 MW Generator.

  • Tower: tower base: Steel 165 ton
  • Blades: 57m Steel 5.4tons; Carbon Fiber: 3.69 tons; Cast Iron: 8.5 tons; Fiberglass/ 7.96 tons
  • • Nacelle 12m; Steel: 165 tons; Fiberglass/ 6.4 tons; Copper: 2.34 tons; Aluminum: .54 tons; Cast Iron: 16.47 tons; Rare earths: about 1 ton

When wind doesn't Blow it needs backup fossil fuel power plants

Wind is variable, to power the planet, natural gas or coal power plants are required as backup for times when the wind doesn't blow or storage by pumped hydro or batteries, are massively unsustainable.

Wind's impact on Nature and Humans

Since the early 1980s, the industry has known there is no way its propeller-style turbines could ever be safe for raptors.

“Scientists & engineers share an implicit oath to truth and facts for the benefit of society. Wind Energy violates that oath and is a marketing effort to mislead folks and serve GE & others who don't care about the urgency of wise environmental choices today.” Dr. Alex Cannara

The true cost of wind energy is higher than most cost estimates calculate. Mandates requiring the use of wind energy increase electricity costs for consumers and subsidies mask the actual cost: file:///F:/Thorium/New%20Energy/True-Cost-of-Wind1.pdf

Solar Fallacy

Modern solar panels are about 20% efficient. This just means that 20% of the energy in solar radiation is converted into electricity, while the rest is lost as heat. Even though this is actually quite decent, we would nevertheless need to completely cover an area the size of Spain in solar panels to generate enough electricity to meet global energy demands by 2030.

  • 20 grams of silver per square meter of Solar panel
  • 1 million panels Squared kilometer, this means 11.1 million grams, or 11.1 tons, of silver per square kilometer
  • Spain is 506,000 square kilometers in area—This means that 5,616,600 tons of silver - Seven times the silver in the Earth's crust is impossibly required. https://www.nationaleconomicseditorial.com/2017/06/05/solar-powered-future-impossible/
When weather breaks Panels Rain leaches heavy Metals into the soil, Also it is a ticking recycling Time Bomb
Not my kind of Nature

“That is to say, the SREC costs 6X the kWh of energy costs. Making claims that PV solar costs 5 cents/kWh is misleading if the utility is paying 35 cents for it. Of course the utility buying the energy and the utility buying the SREC may be different. Because this is a lucrative opportunity, the article mentions that there is an increasing supply of SRECs. This should lower the price paid at auction. To prevent this, Massachusetts (for one) has set a floor price of $300/SREC. This creates an oversupply and the situation gets really complex, allowing SRECs to be applied to future years. Does anybody remember Enron?” Robert Hargraves

Solar manufacturing is mostly located in China, and the panels are often installed in Europe or the United States. At double the carbon intensity, it takes twice as long to compensate for the greenhouse-gas emissions as it does to pay back the energy investments.
“Does anyone believe that it is moral or wise to invest 10.5 Billion Tons of materials in contrast to 600 million Tons? That's 5.6% of the required materials for solar... 9% for wind... and 17% for Geothermal. It also takes energy to mine, refine and process these materials. Manufacturing, transportation, installment and upkeep also require energy and create emissions.” Mathijs Becker

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