Training from Greg Ellis Creative and how it can help your business

Training and teambuilding can be a tricky balance to master. It needs to be inspiring and memorable and delivered in a way that feels relevant.

Too often teams find themselves doing a pre-packaged training product that doesn't really acknowledge their business or what makes them different from any other teams. That's when the benefits become diluted.

At Greg Ellis Creative we seek to create bespoke solutions that are specific to your business

Team building that is specific to a team, a theme an environment
"Greg was our primary point of contact for the programme. We chose him as our partner because he totally 'gets' people and how they learn. He is great at the programme design piece. We loved his ability to improvise and be able to quickly understand what we wanted and translate this into a solution." Christine Sewell, The Warehouse

We have a variety of different areas where we can offer training:

Building a Creative Team

Training that builds on your team's ability to listen, communicate, share inspiration with courage and fail without Fear

Creativity is one of those words that often gets thrown about in training. Along with "passion" and "innovation" it can become somewhat of a cliche. But at Greg Ellis Creative we teach creativity coming from a 25 year history in businesses that marry arts and commerce successfully.

Greg, himself, has carved out a career taking improvised theatre to the corporate world and the skills he has learnt can be passed on to your team. Our training speaks to your team in the language of business as well as art.

Our workshops on Building Creative Teams look at those easily transferable skills of listening , of articulating your ideas concisely and specifically and being open in your communication. We use the methodologies of improvisation to deliver these skills. Through years of teaching improvisation to business clients we have learnt that it is a remarkable way to remind people of the joys of uninhibited creativity when the barriers of hierarchy and habit are removed.

We sit down with you beforehand to understand your unique challenges and make our workshops refer directly to them.

Customer Service

Greg Ellis Creative has worked with iconic New Zealand businesses such as Z Energy and The Warehouse to create customer service programmes that are epic in their scope, visionary in their delivery and utterly memorable.

We have a unique philosophy on achieving great customer service that centres around empathy rather than profit. We encourage our clients to view customers as people before economic units and our training emphasises putting yourself in your customers' shoes to truly deliver great service.

All of our training programmes are bespoke to the individual company because we understand that the interactions between staff and customers can be very different from business to business.

Our customer service training utilises theatricality and fun whilst still delivering value to the business. Our clients' staff know it's not just "training as usual" and look forward to what we are going to do next. We deliver across mediums from recorded to live and we push the boundaries with training that can take place even whilst stores are in operation.

And scope isn't an issue. We have rolled out programmes that touch thousands of staff, the length and breadth of the country.

Team builds with a fun focus

Sometimes the focus isn't all about meeting business objectives. Sometimes it's about bringing the team together for something that is fun and memorable. We've got that covered in spades!

We can create team experiences that are unique, team building facilitated by comedy characters or out of the box activities created to suit a specific location or theme. We've got a background in entertainment so if it's just a good time shared together that you are looking for Greg Ellis Creative can design something to deliver that for you as well.

"You are a totally professional act and we have loved working with you. There is no one else we would ever use!" Leanne Fecser, NZ Veterinary Association
Sometimes a good team build even requires good wine!

We'd love to talk to you more about creating a training solution especially for you. From an hour, to a day, to a month long rollout we can embrace any challenge!

Greg Ellis Creative phone: +64 21 620 921 email:

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