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What is Extension Studies?

The new program is called “UofN Extension Studies”. It has the purpose to serve people who are fully engaged in ministry and work and desire to continue to study, learn and be further equipped as part time students. There is a very big difference between part time verses full time courses! With part time courses there is no need to change locations or step out of present commitments and responsibilities to engage in learning and equipping. Since it would run locally for local people then there would be no visa or immigration issues, or expensive travel.

It integrates nicely with life and ministry where the person is called. Many of our alumni, friends and people engaged in the spheres, serving the purposes of God, are looking for further education at the location where they live and work. Education has become a lifelong process of learning. The body of Christ at large is very motivated to engage in education and hungry to learn.

Who is this for?

With our present full time courses and seminars we cannot reach this audience. For this reason, we created the UofN Extension Studies, which offer University level courses on evenings, weekends, over lunch times and in whatever format needed to serve a specific people and outcome. It is a part time model of learning. The rhythm and schedule will depend on the audience and outcomes. There would be a big difference for a group of people involved in business than teachers serving in education.

Through our UofN Courses, we are rich in content and have developed very fruitful curriculum in many categories. There are hundreds of amazing UofN 12 Week courses covering a wide variety of topics and outcomes. Imagine the impact of a portion of the Biblical Core Course taught in the format of evening classes! Or imagine a School of Evangelism equipping people during weekends with portions of the content from the full time 12-week course. This is a great opportunity to engage for all staff in equipping and training people locally that do not have the opportunity to study full time with YWAM. The new UofN Extension Studies are empowering us to truly teach the multitudes like Jesus did and called us to do.

How do you get credits?

Of course many of our ministries have been doing evening seminars and served the body of Christ. The new thing is that the Extension Studies courses are fully registered with the UofN and the students are participating with a clear curriculum and outcome, receiving UofN LCU-Credits (Learning Components Units). The amount of credits depends on the length and hours of the focused learning activities that lead to the desired outcomes of the specific course. 1 UofN LCU-Credit is achieved through 25 hours of focused learning activities. The course includes evaluation and a final grade. Once the course has been completed, the course leaders will enter the student’s information, grades and print the course certificates. They will then give this to the students. If a student desires to use the course towards a degree, than the UofN LCU-Credits would be evaluated as transfer credits. The amount of LCU Credits that count towards a degree depends on the focus of the degree and if the LCU-Credits are adding towards a required subject or not. For everyone desiring to work towards a UofN degree, we suggest to enroll in the full time study program and start with a DTS first.

Why was Extension Studies Created?

Every course is linked and anchored to an existing YWAM operating location even if the course is held at a different location. This opens the opportunity to go and run a course at a place that is the best location for the audience and outcomes. The course leader, which is approved by the YWAM operating locations leadership, will create the course with an easy step-by-step online process. The approval will be done through a thorough and speedy process including the Base Leader and appropriate UofN Leadership. Once the approval process is finished, the course is open to run.

Each time the course runs there is a simple “re-registration” button you can use which will automatically pre-populate all the fields with the information from the previous course. This will allow you to make minor adjustments and quickly re-register the course to be run again. There is no fee for course registration. Much support and help is offered during the course creation process and there are “Template Courses”, which can be used as a starting point for creating the same course for the desired location and audience.

What is the Cost?

Extension Studies costs are priced per student, per UofN LCU-Credit and with A, B, C nation pricing. The A, B, C pricing is based on the location where the course is being run, not on the students nationality. The payment is made at the end of the course when the student and their grades are registered, all with an easy online system. There is no cost to create and register an Extension Studies course. A Category is USD 10, B Category is USD 4, and C Category is USD 1. All prices are per student/per credit and in US dollars. For example, if a 3 credit course is run in the Brazil and there are 10 students then the formula and total payment would look like this. 3 (credits) x $4 (B Cat.) x 10 (students) = USD 120. This cost is not the cost of the course. That is separate and determined by the base that is offering the course. This cost is what the base running the course pays to the UofN for the records and academics.

What Language can I study in?

The course and student registration process will be offered in the main UofN languages. This means that the whole registration process can be done and completed in each one of the languages we support. This is very good news and will make this University of the Nations empowering many more people to create and run courses.

Online Courses

Online courses are a great opportunity to impact, equip and train. There is much variety of online courses. How the Internet and technologies can serve the educational efforts still needs to be discovered and discussed. The Extension Studies platform is set up with a strong foundation to create online courses. We are in the discovery process to discern the requirements, best practices, standards, evaluation systems and integration with the living and learning principle.


The DTS is a strong foundation for all UofN courses and the entryway into ministry with YWAM. As the Extension Studies courses are focusing on an audience, which is not looking to engage fulltime with YWAM, but rather seeks to be equipping for work and ministry as well as for life and family, there is no DTS requirement for anyone to participate in an Extension Studies course. If any participant of Extension Studies program desires to become a YWAM missionary, then of course a DTS would be required.


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