Learn about proper typing Brianna carter

How it works:

When using a keyboard it consists of two parts; A set of the keys are being pushed down by the person typing on the computer. You also generate codes by identifying your keys.

Key Arrangement:

When using a keyboard the word "QWERY" was a layout designed to help both slow, and fast typist write faster and better. The letter "E" is used for the left middle finger, and one of the next common letters "A" is typed with the left hands weakest finger.

Health Defects:

A health defect that could happen while typing incorrectly is called "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome." It causes weakness and numbness in your hands because of pressure on the median nerve in your wrists. Some people may have pain in their arms between their hands and their elbows.

Employers want proper typing:

Your typing skills are either fast, or slow. If you learn or know how to type faster you will do better at your work. Learning to type faster takes time and practice. It also included speed and accuracy.

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