Oregon Tide Pooling spring Break 2015

This year Faith and I (plus Gracie) got to spend our week of Spring Break at our new house in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Depoe Bay is a TINY coastal town about halfway down the Oregon coast and the scenery is spectacularly beautiful. On this particular day we decided to head 10 minutes south to Otter Rock Beach and the "Marine Gardens" - one of the richest tide pool areas on the Oregon Coast. We were NOT disappointed!

We began with some enormous starfish, giant green anemones, and thousands of turbo snails.
We also saw lots of tiny fish, these strange-looking barnacle relatives, and a couple of bumblebee snails hanging out with the barnacle relatives.
Faith tried to save as many of the stranded "stupid snails" as she could.
This is one of our weirder discoveries - it's called a gumboot chiton - it's a ginormous mollusk (about a foot long) that feels like wet suede.
As we kept exploring we found gorgeous purple sea urchins, many more snails and anemones, and a very large, unfortunately also very dead octopus.
Gracie even got to make friends with a little crab!
All this time we are climbing around, I'm taking pictures and vaguely aware of all of the big boulders all over the place...
Much to my surprise, I suddenly realized that some of those "boulders" weren't boulders at all!
It was a spectacular day!
We can't wait to go back!
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