Town of Angelica By: Caitlyn reinhard

Facts: The town of Angelica was established on November 16th, 1866. The unincorporated towns of Krakow and Zachow are also located in Angelica. There are 664 occupied household units and more than 60 miles of town roads.

Angelica town hall is located at N3285 countnty road C, Angelica, WI

Issue: American Transmission installing power lines through residents property

American transmission is installing power lines through residents property. The company has offered to pay the residents for their property that the power line will be on. Lots of residents fought the instilation of the power lines because of their property (mostly farmland) being taken away. Many complaints have been made about how the company will be putting the powelines up.

The town of Angelica has discussed this several times during their meetings and not all conflict has been resolved. Two residents habe filed lawsuits against the company. The company has been working with the residents to make a compromise with the problems they're having. The board members have also agreed to have meetings with the company to fix problems.

I agree and disagree with how they are handeling this issue. I agree with how the town hall has had meetings with the residents and American Transmission company to work out problems. I disagree with how the company thinks they can come in and take residents property for a power line that the residents are not in favor of. The town of Angelica already has power lines that work perfectly fine. Also I personally know the residents that have filed the lawsuits and they are not happy with the way the company has been handling their situations.

The power line extends 45 miles through Brown, Outagamie, Shawano and Oconto counties.

Map of Angelica

Large pot hole: needs to be fixed and not filled in with gravel anymore.

Bump signs: need to be put on certain roads for drivers to be more cautious.

Old faded signs: stop signs needs to be replaced because it is hard to see.

Snow plows: not doing a god job plowing the roads.

Telephone poles: complaints made by residents about the new instilation of the poles.

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