The Harn by JOshua guzman

Medium of the Art

  • An untitled piece by John Chamberlain was made from mostly aluminum foil
  • What I found interesting about the piece, was the artist used a material that many would see as trash but he used it to make something unique.
  • The piece demonstrated that anything can be art and impressed me because of the ingenuity and imagination of the artist

Design of the Museum

  • David A Cofrin Asian Art Wing was especially enjoyable and beautiful
  • The wing was very open and had colorful wooden floors
  • The wing exemplified nature and gave a very peaceful atmosphere with the combination of the lighting, high ceilings, and wooden floors and wooden support beams
  • The architecture as well added to the natural motif in many of the artworks in the wing

Art and Core Values

  • A Buddhist Plaque from the Joseon dynasty was an art piece with a symbol on it representing eternity, and this appealed to me because religion is an important part of my life
  • As well this piece stood out because the symbol it had on it was a swastika, while in Sanskrit it means "it is good" it has obviously been used differently
  • This angered me in part seeing how someone's religion was used as a symbol of hate, and made me think of how my own religion had been used by others as an instrument of hate as well
  • This piece represented and demonstrated to me the importance of respecting others beliefs and what is holy to them

Art and the Good Life

  • A piece called A thanksgiving prayer to the Mixe god Kioga in gratitude for the good harvest, Gaxaca, Mexico by Sebastiao Salgado demonstrated the good life to me
  • This piece demonstrated these people's deep appreciation and gratitude this was especially poignant in a society today that takes so much for granted.
  • These men are demonstrating celebrating the good life, and finding joy in life even in a society where these farmers are often marginalized and face great poverty
  • This piece pointed out to me the need to be more appreciative and focus on what we have and not what we don't
Created By
Joshua Guzman

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