Point of View (POV)

Types of POV:

  • First person: Told from the author's perspective - Use of "I"

^ Reliable and unreliable

  • Third person objective: The character tells “his” or “her” story and does not reveal other character’s thoughts and feelings
  • Third person limited: The narrator tells “his” or “her” story and reveals one character’s thoughts or feelings
  • Third person omniscient: The narrator tells “his” or “her” story and reveals more than one character’s thoughts or feelings
  • What can we learn from these two stories?
  • Why is it important for people to share their stories?

Stories can help us see how we affect other people emotionally and socially — Many bullies are not bad people, they just have not learned how to properly treat people and do not see the damage their actions have.

What is the POV of this story? How do we know?

How are you able to identify the narrator’s perspective in this text?

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