Night's Reminders by jeffrey collyer

The stillness of night, such peace it gives; the comfort of guardian stars.
The sun, though not seen, is not gone; but lives, as the glow of the moon testifies.
And we wander o'er sands aside moonlit seas, light shining on waters becalmed.
The warmth in our hearts, minds untroubled and free, remind us of Gilead's balm.
For we know that our paths may not ever be smooth. Yes, pains and sorrows we'll see.
But our griefs will not last, because of this truth: One suffered for you and for me.
On a night nearly two thousand years in the past, a stillness again in the air;
Those guardian stars no peace could impart for the One who bore our despair.
Though He was God's Son, Beloved and True; owed nothing but kindness and love.
Though His life was a sermon of perfection on view, of serving His Father above.
Hell's worst was unleashed; vitriol spewed in unending torrents of hate.
The pain that He felt was great; but it grew, 'til carrying eternity's weight.
The pressure would mark His flesh that night with the pains of all women and men.
Our sins were the cause of that awful sight: of blood seeping through pores of His skin.
The stars, and the moon, and the trees too had sight, as a drop slowly fell to the ground.
And agony's groans broke the stillness of night: the sum of our cries was his sound.
Apostles, too, were there in the trees - as witness to what there took place.
They saw our dear Lord on bended knee; saw Him fall to his face,
As drop after drop of His precious blood stained the ground beneath His feet.
The witnesses watched as best they could, 'til His suffering was complete.
His hurt we cannot know, or name. We cannot comprehend
The suffering of He who took our blame; to the depths He was willing to descend.
Though infinite the pain He bore, the victory was won.
He paid the debt to justice and law; hell's captive chains undone.
But not just law was satisfied - all pains He sought to mend.
No matter the cause of mankind's cries; His mercy will extend.
Why would One perfect be so bold as to suffer so willingly?
For love He endured anguish untold: His love for you and for me,
That we might not suffer the tiniest part of what He that night endured.
And if we approach Him with broken hearts, His promises will be sure.
And stars and moon, and heavenly throngs rejoice in His redeeming name.
Angels and prophets join celestial songs, His majesty to proclaim.
And when I now walk through life's night-time chill; when the sun has hidden its light,
The glow of the moon reminds me still of His power and of His might.
And the stars in heaven that sit above and look down on His daughters and sons,
That witnessed His act of supernal love; They remind me the battle is won.
How grateful I am for the gift of peace, that comes because of His grace,
And knowledge that one day all tears will cease, as we enter His embrace.

All Things Witness is a blog through which I share my thoughts and feelings on the power of Christ and His atoning sacrifice.

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