One Unfortunate Day By: jenna binkowski

The fuzzy slippers looked burnt, black, and dirty.

Second, I tried to wash the slippers, but they were too far gone.

The quick, dangerous forest fire spread in a blink of an eye.

Yes, I had to leave the love letter I had been working on for days behind.

I jumped over the river through the fire, running as fast as I could.

Running frantically, my feet burned from the fire.

My love letter, carefully written, was gone in seconds.

On the tree stump, lay my letter, a few short minutes before its was gone.

The blazing fire, getting closer and closer, almost caught me.

What happened to you?” Said my mother.

The slippers seemed to be in good condition but once I looked closer, they were ruined.

The fire, was shortly put out.

I remember the day of the fire November 14, 2016.

In my hometown, Pulaski, Wisconsin.

The first words of my love letter was Dear love, i miss you.

After everything, was a mess.

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