Thank you Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else. ~Fred Rogers

As library buildings remain closed to the public, library services continue online and with Library Takeout. All Timberland employees continue to do what they do best, serve their communities. Enjoy a few highlights from our Library Takeout around the district. All comments are from our patrons to our dedicated staff. TRL misses them as much as they miss us.

Messages From our Patrons

Thank you! I am so happy! I have missed you all. Erica Waggoner

LOVE that you have this service. Thank you so much for providing books to our community. Kiki Kendora

Thank you for all the hard work you do in providing us with such a great service! Michelle Mendoza-Aguilar

I’ve been using the Libby app. What a wonderful tool! Washington_kizzy

LOVE this idea! Thank you to all the Timberland Libraries for getting so creative!!! Stacy Smith

Great idea - woohoo library ! Debbie Petzold

You all rock. Kendra McLaughlin Heath

To our favorite library and meeting place for Randle. We are so glad you are open for your community. You are warriors. Paul Buck Stierle

It’s nice to see you all! Corby Varness

Yes so happy I’ve missed you guys soooooo much. Lisa Balkwill

I miss you all so much! Barbara Nichols Lewis

Thank you all SO much for all your hard work and giving our family a sense of normalcy during all of this! We love our library! Erika Booth

The simple things in life. I love the feel and smell of a book, while going through the pages. As Hermione Granger would say... When in doubt, go to the library. Mirnie Ellerbe

OMG you guys are the best ever at picking books. The nice lady who whipped up a book bag for my kids and I to enjoy in the last 5 minutes the other day has mad wicked librarian magic skillz !!! Totally telling all my friends about the grab bags for those who can’t figure out what to check out next for books. You guys always impress! My kids have been addicted to libraries & books since age 3 partly thanks to all your super librarian powerz and skillz! Shellie Harrison

Thank you for all the hard work you do in providing us with such a great service! Michelle Mendoza-Aguilar

I have, it is pretty easy..... I really miss the smiles and conversation.. but I appreciate everyone trying to make it work. Eileen Oberg

Love how fast & easy it is! Faith Dierker-Newby

It was great, quick and easy! Johanna Brown

Yes! I love it! Enjolee Hill

This is amazing! The video, the staff, and library takeout! Amanda Gustafson

Love the bag...and the staff. Patricia Chupa

Thank you for the update! We all are eager to see you up and running in good health!. Karen Greenup

Love it... and perfect for us all right now! thanks! Sandra Creel Harrison

Haven’t we had enough drama in 2020?? Sorry, couldn’t help myself But seriously thank you library staff for continuing to provide great resources and programs!! Chelle Ingram

Ugh. We miss the library so much. One day we will walk through those doors again and NEVER take it for granted. Stacey Britton

Wow, modern technology and good librarians are the best combination ever! Sara Greenwood

Thank you! Missed my Library soooooo much. Jeanne Ann Staley

I have done this and Ernestine picked out an awesome selection for us! Thanks library folk. Genice Normand

Awesome! Samantha Rose Stoffelsen

How fun! Carolyn Monroe

But I want to browse the books and be able to chat with my librarian friends. Beth Ann Bauer

Oh I miss this place so much!!! Vanda Turner-Guardino


I miss you! Please stay safe and thank you for all your help and support during the closures. TRL and their librarians rock! Carolyn Newsome

Love this library and that special Staff!!! Maggie Post

We miss our libraries. Aine Barcomb

I miss this smiling face at Lacey TRL. Isha Gabriel

Thanks for your hard work. Dropped off my book I had since March. It will be nice to let someone else enjoy it after the waiting period. You are all amazing!! Kathleen Jackl

Thank you, Lacey staff, for making this work. It was nice to pick up some holds last week. I parked, called while walking over to drop off my ballot, and stuff was ready to pick up when I got back to my assigned number location. Bryan Bougher

As I was picking up books yesterday, I was thinking about what a nice, efficient job you are all doing. Thank you all! Katrina Ann

Thank you for doing this! Linda Becker

Oh how I miss seeing these awesome people around the library. Isha Gabriel

Thank you for finding a way to make summer reading work, Oly TRL and Friends of Oly TRL. My kids have loved this program in the past and will be excited to come get their book this summer. Also, thank you for the 5 stack surprise checkout option. Kids have been excited! Paula Moore

Great first day! I was impressed by the process. Happy to be getting new material from the library. Thank you! Eliza Keep

Woo hoo, great job Olympia staff!! Erica McCaleb

We appreciate you all.. Thanks for all the hard work that is being put in so we are still able to read. Reading is everything. Aine Barcomb

It was lovely to get new library books to read! Thanks to all of TRL for keeping their employees safe and helping us readers get new books. It was a great day! Karen Skelton

Hurrah!!! I’ be missed my library!! Margaret Colvin

We miss you guys!! Joy Kollars

I really appreciate one less thing to worry about! Library materials have been a great lifeline for us, thank you! Lucia Kush

You guys rock! Kait Toompas

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