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Below is the link to IFTTT, this will enable you to use many platforms at one time.

The easiest way to get started following hashtags and other Twitter lists that interest you is to get the Tweet Deck app for your Chrome Browser.

After installing on your computer, the button will be on your desktop for easy access.

Tweet Deck on Chrome

Tweet Deck makes everything in to nice columns that are easy to change.

My columns right now: Home Feed, #bsdfutureready, #beavertonsd, BSD Admin List

Here are some links to BSD Lists on Twitter

If you would like to see what a dedicated hashtag has done to build a great school culture, you need to look no further than #leydenpride in the Chicago area. Take a look through some of the tweets from students and teachers working together to tell a positive story.

Making Your Twitter Look Better

There are a few tools you can use to make a nice Twitter header for your profile, or just create a cool tweet. The two that I would suggest to start with are Canva & Adobe Spark Post.

Sample Header from Canva
Sample square image
Student Sample of Spark Post from this year

Other tools and links to use:

Use bit.ly to create custom URL's

Cybraryman has a page above with links to every possible Twitter question you can have.

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