Mission to Mars by Dylan Fetyko

(date- December 2016) (class- Geo-space) (period- 6th)

(intro) The year is 2057 and people have been living on mars and earth for the past 40 years and a group of people are being sent to mars to help out with repair of the habitat. They expect that the mission will a year and 3 months until they will come back to earth and two people out of the 5 crew members will stay on mars . They are also are bring up more food because the damage to the habitat made the colony lose a lot of the food supply that they had been growing.

the soon to be new home world mars

(Crew) The five crew members that are going are Rick the pilot, Zack the communication expert, John the science, James the engineer, and lastly Mike the doctor. The way Rick got his job was by ten years of training and he's been training to be a pilot to take people and thing back and forth form earth to mars. Zack was in the army for 5 years and was the communication person there and signed up for the job when he was discharge. James has been working with computers and other software his whole life and worked for NASA and they chose him to go on the mission and stay on mars. John also worked at NASA and signed up to go to mars when the first humans landed up there but NASA told him he need more experience so he devoted his life to going and living on mars. And mike became a doctor in the late 2020 and is one of the best in the USA so NASA made him a deal for a lot of money to go and help the crew if they need it.

(Space travel) The ship that is being used for this mission will be a replica of the space craft falcon nine and the fuel that will power the space craft will be use RP-1 and liquid oxygen to shorten the time to get there to 5 months. The ship will have a led wall built into the ship to keep the crew safe from the cosmic rays and under that there will be a layer of material that will pad the impacted of what ever hits the ship. in the ship there will be a small area with artificial gravity to have the crew work out and keep there musical and bone from decay. the ship will be caring up pieces to fix the habitat and it will be bring up some more food for what was lose when the dust storm came and took out a 1/6 of the dome.

falcon 9 the ship that will be used

(living on mars)the habitat has increased a lot scene the early 2020 and is some what a fish bowl now. the habitat has a dome like structure with artificial air and water from the pole ice caps on the planet. inside the dome there is a atmosphere that is the same as earth but do to the damage to the upper part of the dome the air was contaminated with Co2 and became unbreathable so the crew along with the parts to fix the dome have a fresh supply of air. the air pressure was also released but luckily they were able to warn the people in the dome to get ready and put on there space suits to keep them from become goop. half of the food supply was destroyed but there is still enough can goods to keep the colony of 30+ people alive for another year and so the crew members brought new plant seeds including corn, carrots, peas and much more. some of the experiments that will be done once they reach mars are what effects that liquid water will have on the the surface of the soil and in the soil, and also if anything can grow in the soil.

the martian life


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