TMBS News July 2021

I really cannot believe that we are at the end of another academic year; and what a year it has been. I am so proud of all of our students, staff and parents, and the way they have handled a second year of a global pandemic.

Our January Training day feels like only a few weeks ago, when we had planned and prepared for the return of our students, to then be told the same day another lockdown was needed. The resilience of everyone at TMBS and within our wider community has been outstanding.

We are all hoping that things will return to as much normality as possible in the autumn term, but I am sure there will still be challenges to overcome. Whatever happens, everyone at TMBS will continue to do their best to provide the care and stability needed for our students to thrive, learn and be happy.

Take care. Stuart Wilson

Year 7 are inspired to get creative

Mancala is one of the oldest known games to still be widely played today. Mancala is a generic name for a family of two-player turn-based strategy board games played with small stones, beans, or seeds and rows of holes or pits in the earth, a board or other playing surface. The objective is usually to capture all or some set of the opponent's pieces. Versions of the game date back to the 7th century, and evidence suggests the game existed in ancient Egypt. Gebeta is the name of the game in Ethiopia and Eritrea, the latter being where our class novel is set.

We are reading the novel Boy 87 in class, which is about a refugee called Shif. In a most recent chapter, Shif and his new friend, Almaz, decide to make a Gebeta board from egg boxes. Year 7 decided they wanted to have a go too! The games certainly became quite competitive!

Continuing with the 'Boy 87' book - the English Department was incredibly impressed with the amazing entries to the English Competition this term. Students had to create a film trailer, film poster, a book review or a book cover for 'Boy 87', a book that students have read together in class this term. Congratulations to Eva, Erinn, Amelie, Thomas, Joseph and Jack for your winning entries! Students won a prize of a signed copy of Michael Murpurgo's book 'Waiting for Anya'! Well done everyone!

Rotary Young Writers Competition: TMBS Success!

In the spring term school closure, TMBS students were invited to take part in the local Rotary Young Writers Competition, writing their own piece of poetry, fiction or non-fiction in a bid to win a prize from the local group. Students were tasked with crafting their own creative writing piece, with the title 'A New Start'. The Rotary Club hoped that the stimulus would inspire them to think about the challenges of the recent pandemic but also the prospect of a future recovery.

With over 200 entries from local schools, we were overjoyed to hear that George Land (Year 7) was the overall competition winner for his age group, and was rewarded with a £20 voucher from the Rotary Club. As well as George's success, the Rotary judges (including local author Samantha Ridgway), also praised the creativity of Emily Hague-Morgan (Year 7) for her impressive images of World War II, ending with a plea to avoid selfish disengagement and to leave a legacy to help future generations and Emily Kirby (Year 8) for depcition of a world destroyed by climate change, in which the remaining humans set sail for a new life afloat.

George's poem is printed below, but look out for other pieces that will be published by the Rotary Club in local magazines this summer!

Science News

Year 7 Scientists have been getting futuristic in STEM Club, creating 3D hologram videos using their phones and transparent trapeziums. They learnt about the refraction of light and how video needs to be edited to produce a 3D image. (The holograms look amazing in real life!)

KS3 journalists have been researching vaccinations, in particular the Covid-19 vaccinations that have been given to many people in the UK. They looked at the history of vaccination and reminded people how to stay safe during the pandemic.

The science garden is showing more signs of life as the sunflowers are shooting up in the greenhouse; it should not be long until we have a golden forest brightening up the garden. The raised beds are in development and the garden is being used with some Year 7 students to help build confidence and develop key skills. If you have any compost, timber (treated for outdoor use) or hand tools that you would like to donate please email mwright@tmbs.org.uk

This month we introduced the Scientist of the Month award to recognise the amazing work our students do and the passion they have for Science. Each teacher can select a student to nominate and one winner is then selected to win a £5 amazon gift card. Well done to all our nominees!

For updates on the science department follow @TMBS_Science on twitter.

News from Year 7

As part of PiXL Edge this term Year 7 have been looking at the importance of initiative, how they use it on a daily basis and developing it even further. A great mixture of interesting and kind ideas have been shared during these sessions! Congratulations to 7C who created a fantastic vision board listing the ways in which they used their initiative.

A recent Thursday morning tutor time was filled with collaboration, excitement and a lot of cheering! The whole of Year 7 joined together to watch the nail biting Netball final against 7B and 7F. All players displayed awesome teamwork with the rest of the year group enjoying the positive atmosphere they created as they watched on. The final score was 3-2 to 7F!

Despite being an incredibly challenging year in many ways, Year 7 have just been an absolute joy! They have thrown themselves at every challenge with smiles on their faces, creating a real sense of community across the year group. What a pleasure it has been to be their Head of Year. Mrs Holmes

Recently in Music......

It has been a different and interesting year down in music. It is the first full year we have gone without a showcase and have missed a lot of our regular extra-curricular activities. But we have adapted and there have been a lot of positive things that have happened this last year.

For the third year in a row we have been lucky enough to have had the turntables from Leicester Music Service and entered four of our amazing Year 7 students into a scratch competition with various other schools. We are still awaiting the results!

The Market Bosworth Festival that we would have played over a year ago finally took place and we took a group of our Year 10s down to perform some music for an excellent crowd. It felt really good to be out performing in public again.

To end the year our GCSE music class put on a small socially distanced concert for staff to enjoy and celebrate all the hard work they have done this year.

We are very much looking forward to all of our performing arts clubs and showcases being able to run again next year. Have a great summer!

Fun in Food Tech

Year 10 had an online lesson from FUN HCCA Project followed by a fun cooking session using the sauces provided by the project. Everyone got to make kung pao chicken and noodles. A great afternoon was had by all.

Following Mrs Wright's competition entry a group of Year 9s had the opportunity to visit a farm near Melton Mowbray to investigate a hypothesis - 'farmers will continue to be guardians of the land and environment.' This will form the second part of the competition for TMBS with LEAF Education.

Summer School for Year 10

We are excited to have launched our Summer School Activity Programme for our Year 10 students. This is being provided using extra funding the government has made available.

A wide range of staff have got on board and we are very excited about the range of activities that have been planned. Each day the students will have four one hour sessions and half an hour for lunch. Below is just a few of the activities that will be on offer:

  • Zorbing football
  • Microscopy (Science)
  • Cryptography/coding (Maths)
  • Ultimate frisbee/football golf
  • Pizza making
  • Water dodgeball
  • Escape room (Maths)
  • Geocaching
  • Quote Quest (English literature)
  • Dissections (Science)
  • Hot air balloon experience (Weather dependent)
  • Sumo wrestling

We are really pleased with the programme we have been able to put together and think there is something in there for all students who are taking part to enjoy.

Celebrating Sporting Success

By Ms Armstrong. It never ceases to surprise me how shy our students can be when celebrating their sporting successes outside of school. Thank you to all the parents and guardians who contacted me to raise awareness and celebrate the sporting talent of our students. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few success stories and encourage other students to come forward to highlight some of their achievements outside of school.

Breaking barriers by Gabbie Crowfoot - Year 8

My first golf handicap was 47. This was in September 2018 when I shot a 124 at Kirby Muxloe golf club. My ambition was to do better. The next target was to break 100. I achieved this in July 2020 with a 93. My next target was lowered to 90. In September 2020, only 2 months after breaking 100, I shot an 85 at Kirby which was my lowest ever score until last week. Last week I played for Kirby Muxloe Juniors. We competed against Leicestershire playing match play. Kirby's team consisted of me, Harry, Scarlett and Ollie. I had the lowest handicap which meant I played first. I played an 18 year old boy with a handicap of 8 (mine being 14). I won the match on the 17th 3up with 2 to play. Overall, I shot a 79 which is the lowest score I have ever shot (7 over par) Last Sunday I played in my first County match. It was Leicestershire v Lincolnshire. Leicestershire won 3-2 with 2 of us finishing before the 18th and one finishing on the 18th. My next target is 75, I wonder when I will break it.

County girls second team L-R Scarlett, Gabbie, Ruth, Emily, Emily

Cross Country success - Sophia and Isabella Wrightam

Sophia (Year 7) and Isabella (Year 10) are members of Wreake and Soar Valley Athletics Club. Despite the restraints of the pandemic they have continued where possible to compete in Cross Country events.

In December 2020 Isabella competed in the L&RAA 10k County Championships at Mallory Park. She finished 1st in the Under 20 female category in a time of 40.53. Unfortunately she could not collect her medal at the time but recently a representative for the L&RAA turned up at her Athletics club and presented her with the gold medal. Congratulations on this awesome achievement.

During 2021 the pandemic has still not stopped the girls running and competing as they entered the Virtual National Cross Country Championships. Sophia had to run 2k and Isabella 5k. They have just received the results.

Sophie finished 11th in the UK and Isabella finished 13th with a time of 18 mins 53. They both received a Golden ticket to compete at the World Virtual Bathurst Cross Country Championships later on this month. TMBS would like to congratulate the girls on this amazing achievement and wish them well in the World Championships.

Isabella also competed in the Leicestershire Road Running Race on the 27th June 2021. This was a 10K from Prestwold. Despite being injured and not training for 7 weeks she finished 7th female overall and 1st in her race and age category. Congratulations Isabella on this amazing achievement. The results are shown below:

Erinn Mushrow - Cricket

Erinn is a very enthusiastic sportswoman in Year 7. She has been a regular attender to badminton at lunchtimes and has appeared on the Athletics leader board for 2020 and 2021. Erinn participates in cricket outside of school. She joined Appleby Magna Cricket Club two years ago after being inspired by her brother Finn (who is currently in Year 10). She has recently been selected to play for Leicestershire Under 13s. Her first match for Leicestershire was against Nottinghamshire. They played two T20 matches where Leicestershire won one and lost one. On the 8th June 2021 Erinn played in a match against Warwickshire at Bridley Cricket Club. In the T20 match, Leicestershire won by 8 runs scoring 134 runs. However, they were defeated in the T35 losing by 11 runs after scoring 126 runs. Erinn performed well getting one wicket and one catch. Well done Erinn and good luck for the current season from all at TMBS.

Erinn batting at the Warwickshire fixture

William Forbes - Cricket

Will has been playing at Walmley CC since he was 8 years old. He was inspired to play by his Grandad who used to play in London. Will is a fast seam bowler. He currently plays for the under 14s and mens 5th team.

Earlier this year he attended Leicestershire trials at Ratcliffe College and was selected to play for Leicestershire. So far he has played twice for Leicestershire against Lincolnshire and Loughborough Lightning 2nd team. In the last match he managed to get two wickets.

TMBS would like to congratulate Will on his selection and wish him well for the up and coming season.

Jess Bullivant - Cricket

Jess has been playing cricket at a club called the Adders for 3 seasons. Jess is one of only two girls who plays for the team. She received an award for most improved player in 2019 and 2020. Jess received one of these awards at Atherstone Town Cricket Club last September. In the photo she is standing with her coach holding her trophy. Congratulations Jess on this achievement. Keep up the great work. TMBS girls can!

Leicestershire County Cricket Summer Camps

Sporting Opportunities

MBT Colts are looking for girls to join their team. Also, Hinckley Ladies Netball Club are offering junior trials. Please see the posters below for more details:

Synergy netball also offer training for Years 7 - 11 on a Tuesday night from 6.00 - 8.00pm at Pingles Leisure Centre. If you are interested, they can be contacted via email at: synergynetballnuneaton@gmail.com

Choir Scholarships opportunity


St. Peter’s Church Choir in Market Bosworth offers six singing scholarships each year in September to boys and girls in the Market Bosworth area. In their first year with the choir, new scholars take part in rehearsals on Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm and sing at some Sunday services and special services such as the Christmas carol service and important festivals. The commitment during the first year is very flexible. New scholars also have free singing lessons which may be in small groups if this is preferred. Lessons can be at St. Peter’s Church or at school when this can be arranged. Scholarships are a wonderful opportunity for children interested in singing and music.

A publicity brochure will be available in September and scholarships are usually taken up quite quickly. Parents wanting information before the start of the autumn term can contact Robert Foreman, Director of Music at St. Peter’s Church, through St. Peter’s Church Office: St. Peter’s Church, St. Peter’s Parish Hall, Park Street, Market Bosworth CV13 0LL. admin@bosworthbenefice.org.uk