We all want our events to be inspired meetings of great minds—with doses of clarity, epiphanies, new ideas, and breakthroughs.

But, what happens to all this potential when our participants click “END MEETING” and go back to their to-do lists? We focus our planning on how to engage our attendees during the meeting, but do we plan for after?

Are we accidentally designing meetings with expiration dates?

Let’s do something about that!

Our Brains Are Wired for Story

Story-telling and meaning-making are essential to building post-meeting momentum. When we tell stories about our experience, we deepen our connection to meeting content and see ourselves inside the organization's big picture.

But in a digital world, opportunities for organic story-telling are scarce. So how can we help our meeting attendees make sense of their experience, re-live the content and ideas, and share the impact with others?


Your Storybook is MORE than a Recap

It connects key ideas in a graphic map.

It captures key takeaways.

It brings ideas to life.

Strategy Meeting participants holding up their "superpowers."
An example of how we brought their superpowers to life in the Amplify the Impact Storybook.

It includes photos & screenshots from the meeting to activate visual memory.

It provides resources to drive attendees' continued learning.

It provides tools for gamefication and expanded application of content.

Curious questions provided by the participants and formatted for use in future meetings.
"Mash-up Cards" provided to help participants further develop their juicy ideas.

It invites attendees into the next big conversation.

Combining narrative and visual storytelling allows you to AMPLIFY the IMPACT of your event.