V is for Velocity Bay Area Cadillac V Series Enthusiasts

Bay Area V is for Velocity, is a place for Cadillac enthusiasts in the California Bay Area to share information and organize meet-ups. We are organizing now, and if you are interested join our forum on Facebook.


Join us in a rally to the Cadillac Racing events at Sonoma Raceway, August 2017. #visforvictory

#VisforVelocity #VisforVictory #CadillacRacing #CadillacStyle


When Cadillac introduced the the first generation CTS-V in 2004, many of us took notice. The third generation model will be hitting the streets at the end of this summer, but the owner community is still small approx 25k worldwide. These cars are easily recognizable for their unique looks and aggressive styling, you often get a wave or nod when passing another on the street. What missing? A way for those who appreciate the V Series to connect and meetup, particularly in Nor-Cal. While my wife and I were at the Long Beach Grand Prix this year, we attended a pre race event -- Cadillac’s and Coffee hosted by Cadillac tuner D3 at their Headquarters in Signal Hill. It was fun for us to interact with other V owners and share stories, comment on modifications, and just enjoy these cars. Later we all lined up and rallied over to the Grand Prix to cheer on the Cadillac Racing Team. That’s when it struck me to organize #VisforVelocity a spot on the internet for Bay Area V Owners to connect. Hoping if we get enough people connected we can organize a rally to cheer the Cadillac Team in Sonoma this August!

Popular V Models - CTSV, ATSV, STSV, XLRV, and V Sports Variants

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