The Art of Imperfection: Diane Arbus By Noah Johnson a.k.a. Salem

Diane Arbus was born Diane Nemerov on March 14, 1923 in New York City.

Portrait of Diane Arbus

Diane's artistic talents emerged at a pretty young age, having crafted interesting drawings and paintings while in high school.

Working with her later on husband Allan Arbus, Diane Arbus started out in advertising and fashion photography. Diane and Allan became a very successful team, with photographs appearing in vogue.

Child with Toy Hand Grenade by Diane Arbus

In the late 1950's she started to focus more on her own photography.

During her wanderings around New York City, Diane began to pursue people she found almost anywhere (seedy hotels, public parks, a morgue and other various locations) and also took photos of abnormal people, which is what she became known for in her career.

Eddie Carmel - Diane Arbus
"Patriot" - Diane Arbus

She continued this until the late 1960's when she committed suicide due to depression after her divorce from Allan Arbus.

To this day Diane Arbus is still know for her eccentric taste in subjects for photography.

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