Spring Cleaning: Student Edition FIVE TIPS AND TRICKS TO ORGANIZE

TIP #1: Clean out binders, folders, and backpacks
Third quarter is quickly coming to an end, yet some of our binders are still filled with papers and assignments from first quarter. Here's a tip: take out all of your old papers from your binders or backpack. Then, sort them into the two following groups: papers for this quarter and papers from last semester. Make sure to put papers from last semester in a separate binder so that you can look back for any upcoming tests or exams.
TIP #2: Organize and clean out the closet
With spring approaching, get your closet ready for lighter clothing to match the season. Here's a tip: divide your closet into winter/summer clothing. Make sure to keep all your winter clothing folded and stored for next year. Then, hang all of your spring and summer clothes, but don't forget to add some jackets in there because you never know when the weather could unexpectedly change. You should also start donating clothing that you don't use anymore or simply just clothes that don't fit.
TIP #3: Clean up your study space
As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, your study space can tend to be unorganized. Here's a tip: first, throw away any unnecessary items or trash from your desk. Next, clean up any old papers or assignments that you no longer need. It is best to organize your desk on writing utensils, notebooks, and digital accessories because they're essential items that we use on a daily basis. If your desk has drawers, you could make small compartments for items such as: pencils, pens, paper clips, sharpies, sticky notes, etc.
TIP #4: Clean up and organize Google Drive
It is never too late to organize Google Drive. Here's a tip: create four folders and are organize them by grade: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. Color coding the folders might even be a good idea. Then, place all your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations into the corresponding classes. Next, if you haven’t already, make multiple folders for each of your classes. Then, place all assignments into the classes they belong in. Also, remember to continuously organize your drive or put old assignments into the trash.
TIP #5: Spice up your resume
Your resume may be outdated by now, so why not update it or make a new one? There must be more leadership roles, clubs, fundraisers, or community service that you have participated in so far. Spring cleaning is not only about tidying your household, but also organizing and prioritizing your important daily tasks.
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