Ulysses S Grant A noble president and man

Ulysses S Grant (born As Hiram Ulysses Grant) was born On April 27, 1822

When Ulysses was 17 he was sent to West Point military

Back then trains were very rare. And Ulysses took a train with a top speed of 18 mph!

When he made it to camp they had a typo in his name saying Ulysses instead Hiram Ulysses. But the man in charge refused to change it. So then he became known as Ulysses

When u.s Grant had been young he had loved horses. When he was at West Point he was good with horses. But one day when he was taking care of one of the horses and it started to annoy him. He let himself get so angry, he punched the horse. After that he was almost expelled, even though he was easily the best horse back rider of them all.

Fortunately, they kept him and he graduated West Point. When he was finished he was required to spend 4 years in the army. During his first year in the army he spent a lot of time at a family friends house. His and their family got along well except for one thing. Slavery. The dent family was for slavery and the grants were against it. But the main reason he stayed there a lot was Julia dent. During his first year of the army he started to develop feelings for Julia. When he headed that he had to move sites, he rushed over to her house with flowers and a ring and her to Mary him

In 1848 they were married and before they knew it in 1850 they had there first son Fredrick Grant

4 years later he quit the army to be with his family. But he was not with his family for long. 6 years later South Carolina withdrew itself from the union, then 10 states follow and the civil war begins. The second Ulysses headed about it he automatically volunteered to fight in the war

In the next three years he gets more and more upgraded until he became general lieutenant

Fun Fact: Ulysses s Grant was the first person since George Washington to be awarded that name

But finally to end the war there was man to get rid of. Robert e lee. The smartest and nastiest man of all the southern areas. But one thankful day someone got Robert to surrender and the war was over! The southerns just weren't the same after that.

Later, after the war was over Abraham Lincoln invited Ulysses and his wife to see a movie with them. But Julia very much disliked Abrahams wife so they decided not to go. This was there best and worst decision they had ever made. A southerner named john Wilkes booth was planning to kill both of them. Fortunately and unfortunately Ulysses was not there. He regretted the decision for the rest of his life

A Vice President took over named Andrew Johnson. He was un just and cruel. He treated former slaves like rodents and took pity on the slave owners. Many suggested Ulysses should run for president.he did not say yes but he did not say no. So in the election the republicans adopted him as candidate without even knowing. Eventually he found out. Then the unexpected happened. He won. He went for two terms and everyone loved him

Ten years later he started to hav constant esoughogas pains and was diagnosed with cancer for too much smoking. He only had a few months to live. So he decided to write a book about his life. He was writing that book until a week before he died in 1865 at 63 years old

"Don't smoke!!!"


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